Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn IELTS Cue Card

Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn

Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn


Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn

You should say:-

When you learned it-?

Why you learned it-?

How you learned it-?

How you felt when you learned it-?

Sample Answer 1


In this contemporary epoch where fierce competition has become an integral part of our lives, we strive hard to learn new skills. So, that we could lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory.

I too tried, my hand at a new skill last year, and with a lot of issues in between, I managed to learn.

When did you learn it?

Last year due to the corona pandemic, our country was in a state of lockdown. During that time, the administration imposed a ban on going outside. Since I didn’t have much to do, I decided to learn to cook.

.After tremendous hard work, I finally learned it.

Why did you learn it?

To make prudent use of my spare time, I had decided to learn cooking at home because I plan to pursue my further studies in Canada.

As there is a lot of difference between Indian and Canadian cuisine, therefore I realized that learning to cook in my spare time was a prudent approach for me.

How did you learn it?

Like a typical youngster, I started to learn cooking by watching videos on Youtube. Initially, I had too much interest but later on, it didn’t work, and I took a break in between.

In my next attempt, I took the help of my mother, who is an excellent cook. Although it was challenging to learn, despite many doldrums, I had managed to learn cooking.

How you felt when you learned it

The whole process took around five months. Many times I had failed, but I kept on doing practice with determination, dedication and discipline.


Learning a new skill is a daunting task, and with regular practise, we can become masters.

Sample Answer 2


There is no denying this conviction that becoming good at all the skills is a daunting task. Due to this reason, we tend to avoid those skills in which we struggle.

I had a fear of dancing. However, with a lot of hard work, I acquired this skill.

When did you learn it?, and Why you learned it? 

Last year, I learnt dancing. And I acquired this skill to give a stunning performance at the wedding reception of my cousin.

My cousin is my bosom friend. He always helps me in my lean patch. Since he was about to tie the nuptial knot, I planned to surprise him by going beyond the conventional domain. He had known it well that I didn’t know how to dance. Thus, the idea was to stun him by giving a dazzling dance performance.

How did you learn it? 

Initially, I was apprehensive about paying money to learn dancing. I had this belief that I would acquire this skill just by watching videos on Youtube.

However, the reality was different. There was a negligible improvement in me after spending hours on the internet to learn dancing.

 Since I didn’t have much time at my disposal, I had no option but to train under the aegis of an expert.

To do so, I took the services of a seasoned dance coach.

With his unabated support, I started training hard with determination, dedication and discipline. Under his guidance, I had a remarkable improvement in not only my dancing but also my flexibility.

Finally, after toling hard for two months, I became a reasonably good dancer.

How did you feel when you learned it?

I felt good about it because my persistence had paid off, and I did something that was outside my comfort zone.


You can learn anything in life with a clear focus on your aim.

Sample Answer 3


In this contemporary epoch, there is a positive upsurge in the knowledge a person can acquire. With sophisticated modern technology making inroads in our lives, people can connect freely and easily with no geographical barriers.

While living in such an environment, it is highly imperative to hone our skill set. Therefore, I decided to learn digital marketing last year.

When did you learn it?

After passing my 12th standard, I was free for two months. During that time, I learned the skill of digital marketing.

Why did you learn it?

The prominent reason for learning this skill was to prepare according to the needs of the changing world. There is no escaping the fact that the popularity of digital marketing will continue to flourish in the 21st century.

How did you learn it?

Initially, I laid excessive focus on self-learning. Since there was a gamut of topics to cover, I didn’t get success. After that, I had taken the opinion of one of my friends, and he suggested I study under the aegis of seasoned digital marketing experts.

With his reference, I joined one digital marketing agency as an intern. Life in that company was very hard. I used to work for 10-12 hours every day with a few breaks in between. Despite toiling hard, I was not getting the desired results. However, after working for two months, I had started feeling comfortable and gave the significant business to the company.

How did you feel when you learned it?

I felt relieved and proud of myself.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn”.

1. What skills do students need to master?

There is no denying this conviction that students need to be well-versed in their academic subjects. They should have enough knowledge of calculations, computers and modern technologies like artificial intelligence.

Moreover, they need to work on their soft skills such as communication skills, body language etc.

Apart from this, in this era of fierce competition, they need to master skills like driving and cooking etc. So that in case of adverse circumstances, they could handle the conflicts adroitly.

2. Is it hard for students to learn new skills?

It is easy to learn new skills as a student because you have plenty of time at your disposal. As we grow older, the ambit of our duties and responsibilities widens and learning new skills seem to be a daunting task. Therefore, learning new skills while pursuing education is a prudent approach.

3. Is it hard for old people to learn new skills?

Although there is no fixed age to learn a skill, with time our physical and mental capacity declines.The same task which we could do in hours at young age take days to compete in old age. Hence, it is prudent to say that those skills which require tremendous physical and mental work are challenging to learn at an elderly age.

4. Is a good teacher very important for students learning experience? Why?

Yes, a good teacher plays a pivotal role in the success of students. The main reason is that teacher saves the time of students and teach them valuable lessons. The knowledge gained from teachers helps the students to lead their lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. Especially in the formative years when the brain of the children is not that developed, it’s the teacher who helps them in shaping their career.

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