Describe a friend you like to talk with IELTS Cue Card

Describe a friend you like to talk with IELTS Cue Card

Describe a friend you like to talk with IELTS Cue Card


Describe a friend you like to talk with

You should say:

Who he is?

What you like to talk about?

Why do you like to talk with him?

And explain how you feel about him.

Sample Answer 1


Being an extrovert, I love engaging with people. Although I have a vast friendship network, one of my friends is special to me, and I love to talk with him the most.

Who is he?

He is my bosom friend and neighbour Andrew. We met first time two years back, and from that day, we became good friends.

What you like to talk about?

He is my best buddy, and we usually discuss our issues, fitness, career, technology, and current topics.

Why do you like to talk with him?

I like to talk to him because he helps me make informed decisions regarding the pressing problems in my life. He has a boatload of knowledge that he shares with me. Apart from this, he is a voracious reader, and his reading speed is fantastic. Whenever he reads a new book, he shares the summary with me.

Under his guidance, I have observed a paradigm shift in my thinking process, and my personality has developed considerably. Moreover, he can think beyond the conventional domain, so I always seek flashes of inspiration from him.

Apart from this, he has vast knowledge regarding fitness. I do physical workouts under his aegis. His exercise tips work like a charm for me, and I follow a diet plan recommended by him.

In short, he has a plethora of qualities, and the prominent reason for talking to him is that it makes me feel optimistic. Last year I was going through a lean patch, and due to his unabated support and guidance, I managed to come out of that.

And explain how you feel about him.

Andrew’s company is a blessing to me, and I believe everyone should have a friend like him.

Vocabulary from Sample Answer 1

1. Bosom friend

Meaning: A very close friend

Sentence: One of my bosom friends is raking in big bucks. He is a digital nomad, and I seek flashes of inspiration from him. We share good bonding and will continue our friendship in senescence too.

2. Work like a charm

Meaning: Be entirely successful or efficient

Sentence: The combination of ice cream with chocolate works like a charm and brings incredible taste.

3. Prominent

Meaning: Important or famous

Sentence: The prominent reason behind Human beings’ success is the availability of adaptability at their disposal.

Sample Answer 2


Being a talkative person, I find pleasure while talking to others. I am famous in my friend circle because of my extroverted nature. Due to this, people call me a chatterbox.

Although I have many friends, there is a special one with whom I engage in daily discussion.

Who is he?

He is my college friend, and his name is Gordon. He lives in my township, and we meet daily at our gym. In the mornings and evenings, we walk together.

What you like to talk about?

Being fitness freaks, we talk about health and nutrition.

Why do you like to talk with him?

I like to talk to him because he has a boatload of knowledge regarding health and nutrition.

As I have immense faith in his knowledge regarding weight loss, we usually discuss different recipes for healthy eating. Sometimes we discuss the nutritional benefits of different fruits and vegetables.

In short, our discussion usually pivots around health and fitness.

And explain how you feel about him.

I feel that a friend like him is difficult to find. Before meeting him, I used to be bulky, and I had tried numerous techniques to lose weight with little success.

After meeting Gordon, my perspective regarding fitness has changed. He always tells me to focus on a diet instead of exercise. According to him, the contribution of what we eat has 90 per cent of our weight loss process, and the rest is from exercise. Under his guidance, I have become a fit person by losing 10 kgs.

Sample Answer 3


Although I have a wide friend circle, there are only a few friends to whom I am deeply attached. One of my bosom friends is special to me, and I like to talk to him.

Who is he?

He is my best friend, Peter, and he is a voracious reader

What you like to talk about?

Peter has this habit of reading a lot. I, too, love reading, but I fail to do so due to a shortage of time. And to gain knowledge, I discuss book summaries with Peter.

He can finish reading a book every week. Therefore, we discuss the valuable lessons from the book he has finished whenever we meet. Moreover, his style of reviewing the book is consummate, and one doesn’t feel bored while listening to him.

Why do you like to talk with him?

I like to talk to him because this guy possesses a boatload of information that he loves to share with others. According to him, by discussing with others, he can comprehend the information better.

Due to this attitude, his followers have grown manifold. And his company is an added advantage for me because it helps me make new friends.

And explain how you feel about him.

For me, he is a blessing. The world needs more people like him to bring a paradigm shift in the lives of others. In this modern era where fierce competition has become an integral part of our lives, this guy works tirelessly to help others without any vested interests.

Vocabulary from Sample Answer 3

1. Integral

Meaning: Necessary

Sentence: Consistent efforts are integral to our success; hence despite adversities, we must carry on with our pursuits.

2. Vested interest

Meaning: Selfish interest

Sentence: Due to the vested interests of certain players, our team always loses, and a paradigm shift in the approach is the need of the hour.

Sample Answer 4


Friends play a pivotal role in our lives, and our success thrives primarily on the kinds of friendships we have.

Although I have numerous buddies, I like to spend time with my pal, the best person I have ever met.

Who is he?

He is my bosom friend Vivek Koel, and he works as a motivational speaker.

What you like to talk about?

Whenever we meet, we like to talk about the books we have read, our goals, new habits we have acquired etc.

Why do you like to talk with him?

I like to talk with him because he brings positive vibes. Before meeting him, I was a pessimistic person, who had this uncanny knack for finding faults in everything.

Due to that habit, I had fewer friends, and my social circle was shrinking because people around me would consider me a negative person. However, things changed quickly after meeting Vivek. Under his aegis, I came to know my shortcomings.

He told me to do my tasks repeatedly without worrying about the results. According to him, consistency is the key to success. Moreover, he says that our central focus should be on improving ourselves.

His teachings have brought a paradigm shift in my life by making me an optimistic person. Now I have a vast social circle, and people come to me to find solutions to their problems. I teach them how to handle conflicts adroitly in their lives.

And explain how you feel about him.

I have immense respect for Vivek. He is an altruistic person who has sacrificed his personal life for the welfare of others.

Follow up Questions

Here are some follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a friend you like to talk with”.

1. Where do young people like to meet?

In the contemporary epoch, youngsters have a plethora of places to meet. Firstly they meet at shopping malls, pubs, discotheques, and movie shows to spend leisure time together.

Apart from this, they like to meet at sports matches and playgrounds. Some fitness freaks meet at gymnasiums.

Lastly, those fond of reading like to meet at libraries, and book fairs, to find new reading content.

2. What do young people talk about when they meet up?

The first and foremost thing for them to discuss is the current happenings in their friend circle. Apart from this, they talk about various celebrities like film stars, sports stars, etc.

Moreover, they talk about the latest gadgets and devices and often share their reviews. Furthermore, they discuss their love interests.

3. Do you think people should be honest when talking with friends?

Yes, because friendship thrives primarily on honesty. When we talk about dishonesty, we widen the gap between our friends and us. And sometimes it breaks the friendship too.

4. On what occasions do people talk with strangers?

People talk with strangers usually to gain information, like knowing the way to a place. In case of any unforeseen contingency, they ask for immediate help from the passerby.

Apart from this, they talk to strangers to pass their leisure time while travelling through public transport or waiting for their turn in case of an appointment with a doctor or an advocate.

Q5.On what occasions one should remain silent?

When two persons have a verbal argument, it is prudent to remain silent because altercations do not last long, and by putting words, we disturb the peace-making process.

Moreover, when any person talks loudly to us, it is better to maintain a dignified silence because by doing so, we do not let the other person take advantage of our behaviour.

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