Pressing problem: IELTS Vocabulary

Pressing problem: IELTS Vocabulary

Pressing problem: IELTS Vocabulary

IELTS Vocabulary

Collocation: Pressing problem


Meaning: An issue that requires immediate and urgent attention is called a pressing problem.

  1. There is no denying this conviction that rising population is a pressing problem that requires the urgent attention of all the sections of society.

2. Medical advances have made significant contributions to the public health care system throughout the world. The researchers are leaving no stone unturned to find reliable solutions for the pressing problems related to healthcare.

3. The number of automobiles in use is the dominant factor influencing the pressing problem of pollution.

4. The vaccination program has made an outstanding contribution to the improvisation of health standards across the globe. With such initiatives, we can solve the pressing problems related to healthcare.

5. Alchohol intake contributes to 1,00,000 deaths in the united states. Excessive alcohol consumption is a pressing problem, and higher authorities need to make informed decisions to find a reliable solution.

6. Another factor that requires urgent attention is that space research requires substantial funds, which could be utilised to solve the pressing problems in our society.

7. The rubbish we generate every day is notably higher than at any time in history, and wastage disposal has become a pressing problem for the higher authorities.

8. Some people say that art subjects are not a worthwhile option for youngsters because of limited career opportunities. As per their opinion, modern society is encountering numerous pressing problems such as pollution and overpopulation. Hence, people have less time at their disposal to appreciate art. Their arguments might be compelling to a certain extent, but they lack the touch of practicality or reality.

9. Pollution is a pressing problem that could lead to disastrous repercussions. Despite the efforts of higher authorities, environmental contamination is growing at a rapid pace. We can safely assume, all things considered, the damage caused to the environment is irreversible.

10. There is no denying that people living in poverty have numerous pressing problems at their disposal. A section of society asserts that affluent countries should offer financial support to poor people.

11. One of the notable and positive attributes in permitting employees to work from home is that it corroborates employee loyalty. Moreover, it could lead to a significant decline in the pressing problem of traffic congestion.

12. The hill station has sublime scenery that attracts a substantial number of tourists. However, the traffic congestion due to the influx of tourists has become a pressing problem for the natives.

13. The overuse of social media is a pressing problem for not only individuals but also society. It is instrumental in reducing the crucial face to face interactions dramatically.

14. The popularity of alternative sources such as wind, solar and tidal energy will continue to flourish because such sources are instrumental in solving the pressing problem of environmental contamination.

15. The usage of sophisticated modern technology by law enforcement agencies is instrumental in finding reliable solutions to the pressing problem of crime.

16. The pressing problem of social isolation for people living in remote areas has ceased to exist as the internet helps them connect freely and easily with no geographical barriers.

17. The overuse of social media is a pressing problem for the users, as it leads to a damaging effect on their mental health.

18. The higher authorities must garner the unabated support of all the sections of the society to find reliable solutions to pressing problems in the environment.

19. In the contemporary epoch, scientists are leaving no stone unturned to find feasible solutions to the pressing problems of society.

20. To find a remedy for the pressing problem of traffic congestion, the higher authorities need to go beyond the conventional domain.

21. During the last year of the 20th century, y2k was a pressing problem. The software industry went through turbulent times, and thousands of IT professionals put earnest effort to find reliable solutions. Credit goes to the IT industry for solving this issue in tight time constraints.

22. Growing inflation is a pressing problem for the higher authorities. The most feasible solution for this issue is utilizing sophisticated modern technology to track the transactions done by the middlemen. There is no denying this conviction that transparency could help the governments put a brake on the rising prices.

23. These days, coronavirus is a pressing problem for governments throughout the world. The higher authorities are spending billions of dollars for reliable solutions.

24. In ancient India, lack of connectivity was a pressing problem. To solve this issue, Chandragupta Maurya built a road around the 3rd century BCE. The road was named Uttarapath. These days it is known by the name of Grand Trunk road.

25. In this contemporary epoch, stress at the workplace has become a pressing problem. Due to this, there is a significant incline in heart attacks throughout the world. The corporate world and the higher authorities must work in tandem to find reliable solutions.

26. One of the most pressing problems of this contemporary epoch is plastic waste disposal. The researchers need to go beyond the conventional domain to find alternatives for plastic.

27. Most nations express solidarity with the fact that terrorism is a pressing problem. And to find viable solutions to this problem, the higher authorities need to think beyond the conventional domain.

28. Poor network connectivity is a pressing problem for people staying in remote areas. The telecom companies are expending a large number of funds to tackle it.

29. Due to the corona pandemic, most educational institutions have started offering online classes. These classes are a pressing problem for the parents. Firstly, they have to stay with the children to keep track of their learning. And, secondly, they are not getting the full benefit of the fee they are paying to the schools or colleges.

30. In this contemporary epoch, fierce competition has become an integral part of our lives. Due to this pressured work environment has become a pressing problem. A large number of working people remain pressured and ofter encounter medical issues.

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