Describe an activity you do to keep fit IELTS Cue Card

Describe an activity you do to keep fit IELTS Cue Card

Describe an activity you do to keep fit IELTS Cue Card


Describe an activity you do to keep fit

You should say:

What the activity is?
When and where do you usually do it?
How do you do it?
Explain why it can keep you fit?

Sample Answer 1


It is a gospel truth that health is wealth. Therefore, we must leave no stone unturned to improve it.

Although I have tried many activities to keep fit, I have adopted the conventional domain approach this time.

What is the activity?

The activity I do to keep fit is swimming.

When and where do you usually do it?

I do it on weekdays at the swimming pool near my home. Sometimes during weekends, I visit a five-star hotel to do it.

How do you do it?

Swimming is a good exercise. However, there is a pitfall, and that is after doing it, we feel hungry a lot, which makes us eat food in massive quantities.

Due to this reason, I prefer to do it in the morning because eating in large quantities in the evening leads to fat accumulation. Furthermore, most of my friends come in the morning, so that I why I prefer it.

Moreover, to maintain enthusiasm, I keep on learning new strokes. This way, I gain new experiences and keep the momentum going.

Explain why it can keep you fit?

It keeps me fit because There is no denying this conviction that swimming is a full-body exercise and burns fat rapidly.

Moreover, unlike gymming, where you need to have a lot of willpower to do a workout, it is a simple exercise. The workout in swimming is more fun because the enjoyment while swimming is divine.

You need not have any partner for it. However, you can compete with the other participants by organizing a race if you wish.

Sample Answer 2


It is a gospel truth that health is wealth. People do a boatload of activities to maintain it, but only a few of them are beneficial. Two years back, I started an activity that brought a paradigm shift in my fitness and well-being.

What is the activity?

The activity is walking.

When and where do you usually do it?

I do it every morning and evening in the Rose Garden near my apartment.

How do you do it?

It is a simple requirement that doesn’t require complex equipment. I wear comfortable sneakers and carry a water bottle to do it effectively. In summers, I also carry a handkerchief to take care of sweating.

I always try to do it with someone because the time passes when you talk while walking. However, if I do not have any company, I listen to podcasts while walking.

Explain why it can keep you fit?

The first and foremost benefit of walking is that it keeps us fit without much effort because it aids in reducing body fat.

And to do so, we need not do strenuous exercises.

Secondly, it drastically reduces the chances of heart diseases like 

heart problems, high blood pressure, cancer, type2 diabetes, etc.

Moreover, it improves our cardiovascular fitness drastically, which is a must-have to keep heart ailments at bay.

Furthermore, it supports us in strengthening our bones and muscles because it channelizes them properly.

Another notable benefit is that it fosters muscle endurance and leads to a tremendous increase in energy levels.

It is unequivocal to say that fitness thrives primarily on a person’s happiness. Walking has helped to widen my social circle because it bestows me with an opportunity to meet new people.

Engaging in discussions with my friends during walking makes me cheerful, and I keep my worries at bay.

Sample Answer 3


It is undeniable that fitness thrives primarily on the kind of exercise we do and the type of food we eat. Although there are numerous ways to maintain health, the best one is by playing sports. Therefore I regularly play a sport to remain fit.

What is the activity?

I play lawn tennis

When and where do you usually do it?

I do it every evening at a club near my residence.

How do you do it?

To do it I reach the club at 6 am. I carry my kit, which includes two racquets and a pack of four balls. I carry a handkerchief to take care of sweating and pamper my thirst; I carry a water bottle.

Explain why it can keep you fit?

It keeps me fit by providing a boatload of benefits. First, I need to run a lot, and due to that, I have managed to lower my resting heart rate and blood pressure.

Moreover, regular involvement in the game doesn’t let you know the pain of running at a rapid pace. And due to this, I have enhanced my aerobic capacity, which is a precursor to fitness.

Apart from this, my metabolic rate has improved considerably. I do not suffer from indigestion, and if I overeat, the digestion does not go for a toss.

Furthermore, I need to stretch a lot while playing different kinds of tennis shots like the upper hand, backhand, backhand, and forehand. This activity has improved my body’s flexibility, which is a must-have to remain fit.

Keeping in mind all the benefits of playing tennis, I can proudly say that this pursuit has brought a paradigm shift in my life by improving my fitness substantially.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “  Describe an activity you do to keep fit ”.

1. What do older people in your country do to keep fit?

Older people must stay fit. To have a healthy life, they do many activities like yoga and walking. Apart from this, they refrain from eating junk food and eat a healthy balanced diet. Moreover, they go for regular health checkups and take supplements.

2. What kinds of sports are popular in India?

In India, outdoor sports are more popular than indoor sports. The most played sports are cricket, hockey, and football.

3. Do you think young people should play dangerous sports?

Dangerous sports have a limited audience, and the participants are always at the peril of injury or mortality. Therefore playing such sports by young people is an imprudent approach.

4. What else can people do to keep fit besides sports?

To keep fit, people can do numerous things besides sports. Firstly, they must eat a balanced diet comprising all the nutrients and avoid junk food.

Moreover, they should show their food correctly and adopt fasting once a week.

5. What can parents do to make their children like sports?

To inculcate the habit of playing sports in kids, the parents must join them in some sports academy where a seasoned coach must provide training. By doing practice under the guidance of a trainer, children start liking the sports.

6. Why obesity is on an incline?

In the contemporary epoch, junk food has become an integral part of our lives. A large section of society thrives primarily on fast food to pamper their appetite. The apparent reason for this paradigm shift is the hectic schedule that leaves less time at our disposal to cook meals.

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