Informed decision: IELTS Vocabulary

Informed decision: IELTS Vocabulary

Informed decision: IELTS Vocabulary

IELTS Vocabulary

Collocation: Informed decision

Meaning: A decision that is made by taking facts and information into consideration is known as an informed decision


1. After gaining independence, India was going through a severe financial crunch. Many western countries wanted to take undue advantage of this unfortunate situation. However, Indian higher authorities did not pay any heed to the freebies offered by such nations. On the contrary, they took the informed decision of becoming self-sufficient.

2. After the second world war, Japan was in a state of absolute disarray. Its economy was in dire straits. During those tough times, the president of Japan took an informed decision to make a paradigm shift in the nation’s approach. He told his countrymen to throw the gun and pick the tool. This mindset led Japan towards an impressive growth trajectory.

3. After passing the graduation, I was in a state of bewilderment. I had two choices at my disposal. The first one was of joining a job and the second one was of pursuing business. As I did not have funds to invest, I made this informed decision of accepting the job offer from a multinational company. The outcome was fruitful as I got my first promotion after six months of joining.

4. In the year 1991 Indian economy was in dire straits. The prevalent system of red-tapism in the country was a stumbling block to investors. During that time, the higher authorities made the informed decision of becoming a part of globalisation. The government allowed multinational companies to do business in India. That decision led to a paradigm shift in the economic growth of the nation. Furthermore, it resulted in the creation of millions of jobs.

5. There is no denying this conviction that medical advances have made outstanding contributions to finding the treatment of deadly diseases. After the outbreak of covid 19, the researchers took the informed decision of creating the vaccine for coronavirus at a rapid pace. Thousands of scientists worked with determination, dedication and discipline to produce the vaccine in one year.

6. In our lives, we have to make informed decisions at various stages. The first stage comes after finishing high school when we have to decide the education stream. After that, the next choice is to do a job or business after finishing studies. In the next stage, we have to choose our life partner while considering compatibility. And once we have children, the cycle continues.

7. Under the aegis of Mahendra Singh Dhoni Indian cricket team achieved numerous feats. Although the whole team contributed to the success, the captain cool deserves a special request. He took the informed decision of recruiting youngsters in place of the veterans. This strategy worked for him because the young breed had delivered tremendous results.

8. There is no denying this conviction that we become successful in our life after making informed decisions. Some choices could make or break our careers. Hence, it is highly imperative to work on our decision-making skills.

9.. In this contemporary epoch, technology has made inroads in our lives. Our life has become comfortable. However, this comfort has a cost. Due to a few technological innovations, environmental contamination has reached its peak. The higher authorities need to make informed decisions to control the pollution. Otherwise, it could lead to disastrous aftermaths.

10. The effect of digitalisation on the elderly also has imponderables. In such a scenario, the higher authorities must make informed decisions. The first possible course of action that the government must take is to create mass awareness on how to use digital products. Apart from this, it should collaborate with private organisations to make user-friendly products that are easy to use for all sections of society.

11. The country’s red-tapism culture was a stumbling block to investors. The higher authorities took this informed decision of going for privatisation. That one step led to a paradigm shift in the process, making it an efficient one instead of cumbersome.

12. The evidence substantiates why the gap betwixt the demand and supply is not healthy for a sustainable economy. A few informed decisions could lead the nation towards an impressive growth trajectory. The central focus of higher authorities should be on increasing the supplies.

13. When India won the 2011 world cup, there was unbridled joy in the stadium. The informed decision of Mahinder Singh Dhoni to come up in batting order while chasing work in the team’s favour.

14. In this contemporary epoch, children have a wide range of digital games to pass their leisure time. The pitfall of having such a wide range is that children have started spending too much time playing games. As most games are addictive, the parents must make an informed decision allowing limited access to digital products. The children must engage in these games for a few hours a day.

15. Peregrinating is a prudent approach to exploring the world. It bridges the gap between cultures and reduces resentment among people. The indigenous people get a chance to interact with people of divergent nationalities. However, the travellers must refrain from indulging in tendentious pursuits while enjoying their voyages. They must take this informed decision of respecting the culture and tradition of others.

16. In the past few years, there has been a meteoric rise in the number of cyber frauds. Although the law enforcement agencies use sophisticated technology, the systems need further amelioration. The higher authorities need to make informed decisions to decline curb scams.

17. The machinations launched by various governments to decline poverty have gained little success. The prominent reason for such a lacklustre response is poor implementation. As destitution is a pressing problem, the higher authorities need to make informed decisions to mitigate it.

18. Environmental pollution is a pressing problem, and the way it has inclined could lead to disastrous aftermaths. To mitigate it, the Delhi government in India took an informed decision. It has implemented the even-odd machination to reduce traffic congestion. The decline in traffic has led to an improved environment.

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