Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with IELTS Cue Card

Describe a plant vegetable or crop that you are familiar with IELTS Cue Card

Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with IELTS Cue Card


Describe a plant vegetable or crop that you are familiar with

You should say:

What it is and where it grows?
How you became familiar with it?
What you like or dislike about it?
And explain why this is important for your country.


Describe a plant grown in your country that you think is important.

You should say:

What it is?
Where it is grown?
Why is it important to your country?

Sample Answer 1


Being a food enthusiast and fitness conscious person, I try new vegetables to exercise my taste buds.

Three years back, I tasted a vegetable for the first time and became a big fan.

What it is, and where does it grow?

The vegetable’s name is Jackfruit, and it grows in the northern part of India.

How did you become familiar with it?

Three years back, I attended a wedding function. At that event, the hosts served me home-cooked “Jackfruit curry”.Its taste was mesmerising, and from that day, I became a big fan of it.

After coming back from the wedding, I watched numerous videos on Youtube for the recipes for cooking Jackfruit in different forms.

What do you like or dislike about it?

I like it for various reasons, first of all, it is easy to cook and takes less time to prepare. Secondly, it is available throughout the year, and you need not wait for it.

Apart from this, it is good for health and contains various nutrients. Some nutrition experts call it a superfood.

Lastly, it is usually available at a reasonable price.

And explain why this is important for your country.?

It is significant for my country because of two reasons. Firstly its usage helps to find diseases like cancer. So it improves the overall health of individuals.

Secondly, it has multiple uses, and the chances of wastage are less because if we do not use it for a long time, its tastes get sweetened, and you can have it as a fruit.

Sample Answer 2


Being a fitness-conscious person, I study the vegetables I eat. So that, with proper knowledge, I can remain fit.

Two years back, I added a new vegetable to my diet, and due to its nutritional value, I became a fan of it and possessed sufficient knowledge regarding it.

What is it, and where does it grows?

Its name is Gucchi; it is a variety of mushrooms growing in the hills.

How did you become familiar with it?

I attended a big fat wedding in north India a few years back. I tasted a mouth-watering dish called Gucchi curry, and its taste was incredible.

I was so mesmerized by the taste that I went to the chef and asked for the recipe. He was so pleased with my appreciation that he immediately shared it.

He further told me that Gucchi is a superfood, and its price is 400$ per kg.

What do you like or dislike about it?

The thing I like about it is that this vegetable can’t be grown commercially. Due to this reason, it is devoid of pesticides.

In this modern era where adulterated food has become a part of our lives, finding an organic food item is a dream.

Apart from this, its nutritional benefits are worth-noting. Gucchi mushrooms contain a large proportion of potassium, vitamins, and copper. Apart from that, they contain vitamin D and several B vitamins. Moreover, it is a boon for diabetics and heart patients.

And explain why this is important for your country.?

It is essential for our country because it employs people living in the hills. Numerous agriculturists from hills thrive primarily on this vegetable for their livelihood.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “  Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with ”.

Q1. Do people in your country like to grow plants at home?

People in my country, especially from rural areas, are fond of growing plants at home. They believe that this way, they can maintain their health. The prominent reason behind this attitude is that growing plants at home serves two benefits.

Firstly, people get positive vibes by having nature around them, and they breathe fresh air.

Secondly, they get organic fruits and vegetables from the plants, which help them have a good diet. Because in the modern era, agriculture is commercialized, and the usage of pesticides is growing at a tremendous pace.

Q2. Do older adults grow plants?

Older adults know the benefits of remaining close to nature. That’s why growing plants is their hobby, and they have the habit of spending their leisure time gardening and other environment-friendly activities.

Q3. How do schools teach students to grow plants?

Students teach students to grow plants in two ways. Firstly they provide theoretical knowledge in a chapter in books, videos, role-playing, etc.

Secondly, they encourage the students by helping them plant trees at the school, home and public parks, and other places.

Q4. What is the main plant of your country?

India has immense diversity, and the climate changes every 500 km. Due to this reason, all kinds of plants grow here. That’s why the concept of the main plant is not in existence is no plant. However, turmeric, basil, neem, and aloe vera plants enjoy popularity because of their medicinal benefits.

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