Describe a fishing area that you visited once IELTS Cue Card 

Describe a fishing area that you visited once IELTS Cue Card 

Describe a fishing area that you visited once IELTS Cue Card 


Describe a fishing area that you visited once

You should say:

Where it is?
How do you know about it?
When and with whom you went there?
How was the overall experience?

Sample Answer 1


Fishing is an activity that I love to do but being a dweller of North India; I do not get enough opportunities because my hometown doesn’t have sufficient water bodies nearby for fishing.

Due to this reason I have to visit far-flung places for fishing and recently I got a chance to do so.

Where is it?

The place is Ranjeet Sagar lake near Madhopur, Punjab.

How do you know about it?

I learned about Ranjeet Sagar lake during my schooling days in my social studies book. As per one of the chapters, this place is a fishing spot.

When and with whom did you go there?

In the scorching heat of May, it is challenging to spend time in my hometown. To beat the heat, I planned to visit a hill station named Srinagar. My friends and family members also joined me.

On the way, we halted at a place called Madhopur, famous for Ranjeet Sagar Dam. There we went fishing.

How was the overall experience?

The overall experience was remarkable for two reasons. After so many years, I got a chance to spend quality time with my family and friends. The aura near the lake was excellent, and I felt as if I was in the lap of nature.

Moreover, it was a significant relief for me because the temperature over there was cold.

Secondly, fishing is an activity that requires patience. And sitting over there for hours to catch the fish was a remarkable experience. 

These days, I go fishing every weekend, and this practice has made me a patient person.

Sample Answer 2


Being a voracious traveller, I have travelled to many places. But, there are a few places that remain etched in our hearts.

One such place I visited last year has a wide fishing area.

Where is it?

Its name is Harike Pattan, and its wetland lies in three districts of Punjab: Kapurthala, Ferozepur, and Tarn Taran.

How do you know about it?

There was an entire chapter of Harike Pattan in our geography book during my school time. Since that time, I have had the curiosity to visit this place.

When and with whom do you go there?

Last year due to the corona pandemic, there was a lockdown in my country. Due to that, we had to remain indoors for 1 year, and when the administration announced the unlocking process, we had a sigh of relief.

To enjoy a one-day trip, I, along with my family members, went to Harrike Pattan.

How was the overall experience?

The overall experience was terrific. We spend enchanting hours in the lap of nature. Firstly we saw the fishing area, where we saw 26 species of fish, including Indo Dolphin, which is extremely rare.

In this area, only commercial fishing is allowed; we didn’t do it. However, we watched migratory birds in the bird sanctuary.

The overall experience was beyond the conventional domain because, being a city dweller, I had visited numerous shopping malls, multiple sees, etc. So it was an altogether different experience for me.

I clicked numerous photographs and posted them on social media accounts. After seeing my photos, many of my friends got inspired and visited Harrike Patan.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “ Describe a fishing area that you visited once ”.

1. Do you like fishing?

I like fishing because it is a good pastime. Whenever I have leisure time, I go fishing to relax in the arms of nature.

2. Is fishing a useful hobby?

It is a useful hobby because it teaches us an important life skill: patience. Fishing is an activity that we cannot do instantly and need a boatload of time for it. Sometimes you have to wait for hours.

While fishing, the experience teaches us that good things take time, and we cannot do them in a hurry.

3. Do you like eating fish?

Being a vegetarian, I do not eat fish


I love eating fish, but I eat it in the winters only because it is not suitable for our health in the summers. My favorite is fish tikka with mint sauce.

4. What kinds of fish do you like eating?

The fish type I like to eat is salmon because it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, suitable for our health.

5. Why do people go fishing?

People go fishing for two reasons. Firstly, to pass their leisure time, people feel monotonous at home during weekends in this contemporary epoch. They love to do things beyond the conventional domain to utilize their leisure time effectively.

Moreover, they go fishing to learn o be patient. In the modern are, people have become impatient, and this activity helps them change their habits.

6. Why do people like keeping fish as pets?

People like keeping fish as pets in an aquarium to make the environment lively in their houses.

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