Describe something important that you lost Cue Card IELTS

Describe something important that you lost Cue Card IELTS


Describe something important that you lost

You should say:

What it was?
How you lost it?
Why was it important to you?
How you felt when you lost it?

Sample Answer 1


It is intuitively true that we all have prized possessions, and spending life without them is a daunting task. Therefore when we lose something important, we feel terrible.

Last year I lost an essential possession.

What was it?

It was my diary.

How did you lose it?

I went on a trip to Shimla. I took my diary along to record my experiences. After returning, I found that the diary was missing. Upon close observation, I realized that I lost it while traveling.

Why was it important to you?

It was important to me because I have a habit of journaling and writing about my experiences.

Writing a diary brought a paradigm shift in my life because earlier, I was an unorganized person. To improve my performance, I researched the internet and found that by writing about our experiences, we can transform our lives.

To lead my life toward an impressive growth trajectory, I started writing a diary to record my experiences. Every day I would write the good deeds I did and a plan on how to 

How did you feel when you lost it?

Losing my diary was a painful experience for me. I worked for two years persistently with determination, dedication, and discipline to record my thoughts.

My central focus behind writing a diary was understanding myself as a person. I got fruitful results, and it became an integral part of life. I used to refer to it to handle my conflicts adroitly.

But by losing it, I felt dejected, and it took me weeks to come out of the shock.

Sample Answer 2


Since my childhood, I have had this uncanny knack for losing valuable things. Although I have lost numerous possessions, recently, I lost an important one.

What was it?

It was my laptop

How did you lose it?

I have the habit of taking my laptop with me every time. Last week I went to study in the library. There I got a call on my mobile phone, to end it went outside, and when I came back after an hour, I realized that my laptop was missing.

I enquired from the other persons sitting in the library, but nobody had a clue. To my dismay, due to load shedding, the CCTV was not working, .

Ultimately I lost my laptop.

Why was it important to you?

It was essential to me for two reasons. Firstly, my father gifted it on my 18th birthday, so it was special. Secondly, I was working on a project and stored all the data on my laptop.

With the loss of my laptop, my efforts for six months went in vain. The project was essential for me because my job thrived primarily on it. The deadline for submitting it was arriving, and I had no clue about my future course of action.

How did you feel when you lost it?

I felt dejected because I had to recollect the date for my project, which was a daunting task. Moreover, I felt wrong about my habit of not taking adequate care of my belongings.

Finally, I took this loss as a lesson to not repeat my mistakes, and from that day, I have become an organized person who takes utmost care of his belongings.

Sample Answer 3


There is no denying this conviction that we give our best to care for our prized possessions. However, despite our best efforts, we lose them sometimes. Recently I had lost something important.

What was it?

It was my passport

How did you lose it?

Last year I appeared for a job interview. Although the selection procedure was challenging, I cleared all the rounds, and after that company asked for my documents, including the passport.

After one week, the company sent back all the documents through courier. As I was not at home to receive the post, my neighbors took it on my behalf. As renovation was going on at their home, they misplaced my passport.

After returning, I tried hard to locate it in their home by running from pillar to post. However, to my dismay, my efforts went in vain.

Why was it important to you?

It was important to me because I had to attend my cousin’s destination wedding in Dubai.

How did you feel when you lost it?

I felt terrible because, firstly, I did not attend the wedding, which widened the gap between my cousin and me. Apart from this, I missed the chance to have a gala time together with my relatives from different corners of the world to attend the wedding.

Another issue was getting a duplicate passport which is a daunting task in my nation because the authorities ask for many documents.

As I had to join the job immediately, I spent the whole week arranging the documents; due to that, my timetable went for a toss. 

Follow up Questions

Here are some follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “  Describe something important that you lost ”.

1. What kinds of people may lose things often?

In my opinion, careless people have this habit of losing things. They do not value their belongings, so they get deprived of them.

2. What can we do to prevent losing important things?

To prevent losing essential things, we should follow the fundamental organizing principle: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

After assigning a place to our essential belongings, we must make a list to keep in the record of where we have placed them. This practice reduces the chances of losing important things.

3. What would you do if you saw something valuable that didn’t belong to you on the street?

I always keep those things with which I put earnest efforts. Any stuff lying on the street is not my asset, irrespective of the price. Therefore, I will not keep it to myself and try to look for the owner. And in case I am unable to find him, I will hand over the thing to the police so that they can deliver the product to its owner.

4. What kinds of things have you lost so far?

I take utmost care of my belongings and try my best not to lose them. But many times, I have lost my mobile phones and pen drives due to negligence. Apart from this, once I lost my school bag. 

5. What do you usually do to look for lost items?

I look for them here and there and contact my friends and family for cues to locate the lost item.

6. What should people do to find what they lost?

Losing things, especially essentials, leads to tremendous stress. Therefore we need to handle it adroitly. Firstly we should recreate the scene to look for possible reasons for the loss. We can take the help of technology also like CCTV. Apart from this, in some cases, we need to think beyond the conventional domain to find our lost items.

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