Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about IELTS Cue Card

Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about IELTS Cue Card

Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about IELTS Cue Card


Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you knew him/her
  • What interesting things he/she has done
  • And explain what you would like to know more about him/her

Sample 1


Although I know numerous interesting people in my life, one of them has a special place in my heart, and hence he is worth mentioning.

Who this person is – 

He is a social entrepreneur, and his name is Vivek Goyal.

How did you know him?

I have read a lot about him on the Internet and I have tried to meet him many times but due to his busy schedule, he has not given an appointment to me.

What interesting things he has done.

He is a philanthropist who regularly does numerous things to improve people’s lives. Last year, he bought a machine that uses plastic waste to make vases. He plants various flowers in these vases and gifts them to people around him. This way, he is converting environmental waste into something which reduces pollution.

Apart from this, he has introduced a cycle in the neighbourhood park, which is a static one. And people use it to exercise. The best part about this cycle is that it transfers the power generated through peddling into a battery to store electricity sufficient to run all the lights in the park.

And explain what you would like to know more – about him.

I want to know more about him to follow in his footsteps to do something worthwhile for society. He has so much to offer to people around him, and if I acquire his attitude and knowledge, I will be able to serve the world in a better way. That is why I have decided to gain more understanding regarding him by working under his aegis.

Sample 2


Although numerous interesting people are doing out-of-the-box things, one of them is special and, hence, worth discussing.

Who this person is

He is a famous entrepreneur, and his name is Elon Musk.

How do you know them?

He is famous worldwide, and I have learned details about him from various newspapers, podcasts, videos, and documentaries.

What interesting things he has done

Mr. Elon Musk has done various interesting things. Firstly, he has revolutionized the Electric Vehicle Industry through his car, Tesla, which has carved a niche, and most automobile giants are following in his footsteps to produce efficient electric automobiles.

Apart from this, he has forayed into private space exploration and is in the process of giving tough competition to international space agencies like NASA and ISRO. He is working towards his mission of colonization of Mars with dogged determination.

Moreover, he worked on the hyperloop concept to revolutionize the transport system. This system of his would provide better communication options than high-speed bullet trains.

Furthermore, he has worked beyond the conventional domain to produce various products running through solar power. He believes we must leave no stone unturned to tap the plentiful supply of energy from the Sun.

Lastly, he has done enough work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and his company is producing products that will bring a paradigm shift in the lives of the current generation and posterity.

Please explain what you would like to know more about them.

I want to know more about him to acquire his attitude to foray into those domains most people wish to avoid entering. After all, loss of risk is involved. Moreover, following his footsteps, I would like to do something for the people of planet Earth so that we can have a better life.

Sample 3

I have met various interesting people throughout my life, but one is exceptional and worth mentioning. The name of the person is Dr. Anjali, and she is a dietician.

I saw her at a party, but I had not met her in person, and I was utterly astonished by her speech, which she delivered at a conference at which she said that our diet and our health thrives primarily on our diet.

Instead of exercising, we should focus on our diet, and she also gave e diet chart to all spectators sitting at that time. I missed the opportunity to meet her in person because she was busy then, meeting clients, and I was also busy then.

I want to meet her in person because it will be a prudent approach for me, and I can also learn about many of her opinions and ideas, which I find worthwhile.

So I followed her diet chart a few times, then shed off a few pounds of my weight, and I have seen a significant paradigm shift in me. It is a person whom I have not met in person, and I would like to know more about her. I also follow her on Instagram, and I follow her religiously for her daily recommendations.

Sample 4

Although there are numerous exciting persons I want to meet in person, one of them is exceptional, and hence, he is worth discussing.
He is none other than Mr Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the erstwhile
Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, I got to know about him in the year 2004 when he became a part of the Indian Cricket Team, and under his leadership, there was a paradigm shift in the performance of all the players.

He has done numerous exciting things, but the major was during the 2007 World Cup of India, where instead of giving the last over to the leading bowlers, he gave it to a person named Joginder Sharma, who was an average bowler and a new entrant to the Indian Cricket Team.

This decision worked like a charm because he took the vital wicket in the last over, and India won the World Cup. Apart from this, he has a very different style of leadership, which he exhibited, and many current captains are following that.

I would like to know more about him because of the simple reason that people call him Captain Cool, whatever the situation is. He remains calm and humble, and I want to gain this quality from him because I have this habit of losing patience regularly. So, by meeting with him, I would get to know how to bring patience into my life and how to become a different person. So that is why I would like to meet him.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about the IELTS Cue Card

1. Are there any differences in the relationship between you and your friends and between you and other people? 

As far as my relationship with my friends is concerned, it is purely informal. I have this uncanny knack for sharing most of my secrets with them without any hesitation. Moreover, in case of any unforeseen contingency, they are the ones whom I can call for unabated support.

As far as other people are concerned, I share an extremely formal relationship with them. And I do not have any expectations from them.

 2. Do people feel lonely in crowded cities?

There is no denying this conviction that in this modern era, fierce competition has become an integral part of lives, and due to that, they remain too busy in their work with little social interaction. This scenario is more prevalent in cities than villages, which is the primary reason many people feel lonely in busy and crowded urban areas.

3. Where and how can people get to know new people?

 In this modern era, technology has made inroads into our lives, and there are various offline and online platforms where people can get to know new people. Firstly, conventional methods are meeting people during social gatherings like birthday parties, wedding celebrations, etc. Apart from this, while traveling, we encounter new people, and the amusement places also help us see new faces with whom we can interact.

We have many options for online platforms, like various websites and applications like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

4. Can clothing tell and reveal a person’s personality? 

Yes, it can, but to some extent. For example, a person wearing a tracksuit appears to be a fitness freak, amd a person carrying a party dress more often looks like a fashion enthusiast.

Moreover, those wearing formal outfits appear to be more organized and well-planned.

5. Why do individuals from the same family have different personalities?

Your personality thrives primarily on the people you interact with the most. It is a gospel truth that we spend a large part of our time with our family, but we interact more with our friend circle of the same age group, and due to that, our pals have more influence on us than our family members. Due to this reason, usually, individuals from the same family have different personalities.

 6. How does society influence a person’s personality? It is unequivocal to say that humans are social animals. And we leave no stone unturned to follow the basic standards set by the society. Most people leave no stone unturned to impress others so that they have a good standing in the community, and the fear of being alienated haunts them. Due to these reasons, society influences a person’s personality.

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