Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else IELTS Cue Card

Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else IELTS Cue Card


Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else
You should say:

What the activity was.- Who you were with

When and where it happened.

Why you went for it.

 And explain how you felt about it.

Sample 1


Although I have done numerous exciting things in my life, one of them is exceptional and thus worth discussing.

What was the activity?

The activity was a road trip.

Who were you with?

I had this enchanting journey with three of my school friends.

When and where it happened.?

We started from Chandigarh and went to Goa. After spending five nights, we came back to the starting point.

Why you went for it?

I went for it for numerous reasons. The first and foremost was to spend leisure time with my friends. After passing the 12th standard, we had a study break for three months; during that time, we had nothing much to do. So going for a trip was a prudent idea.

Secondly, we were four friends on the trip who had studied together for 12 years in the same class, but we decided to follow different trajectories after finishing school. This trip allowed us to have quality time together before parting ways to lead our careers towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Lastly, this road trip was on my bucket list for a long time, but I couldn’t have it due to my busy schedule. The road from Chandigarh to Goa has umpteen scenic spots and cities to watch, so I went for it.

 And explain how you felt about it.

I felt great during and after the trip. Firstly, I had a gala time with my friends, which always remained etched in my memories. Secondly, I had numerous mouth-watering delicacies to pamper my appetite.

Third, I met and interacted with people of divergent cultures and backgrounds.

In a nutshell, the trip brought much-needed change and variety to my life, and whenever I get leisure time again, I will go for this trip again.

Sample 2

I have done a lot of activities with someone, and my experience is excellent. Here I would like to talk about one activity that is only participating in a science exhibition.

I remember when I was in 10th standard, my school organized a trip to a science exhibition in Delhi, and after that, my school made a group of students and gave us a project to build a robot for a science project.

Since all team members didn’t have immense knowledge regarding this particular project, we created the project with the help of YouTube. After that, we reached the science exhibition, and after seeing several students from other schools who also came to participate in that competition, we were stressed.

However, when the result was declared, it was in our favour. Our team won the first prize, and it was a remarkable experience and a red-letter day for me.

After that, I also opened a YouTube channel, and I uploaded a lot of videos regarding robotics with my friend, and we also did a lot of experiments.

Recently, we made a tiny plane and tested it, and it works like a charm, and we are also making a drone. Our views on social media have provided us with a reliable platform to earn money and brought an exemplary change in our careers.

So, participation in that science exhibition brought a paradigm shift in my life, and now I am looking for a career in engineering.

Sample 3

Well, I have experienced various thrilling activities throughout my life, and one of them is exceptionally worth mentioning. I recently enrolled in the scuba diving activity. I have been searching for a suitable area for this activity for a long time.

As I do not live in a coastal area, I could not find a nearby place to perform this activity. Well, last year I had this thrilling experience with my friends. We were a group of 10 people, and we went to Goa. We researched the internet for a suitable place for a decent scuba diving experience.

To our joy, we found a training center near our hotel, and all the activity was done on a private beach. Going there was a life-turning experience for me as I came out of my comfort zone by going in the sea and the experience was great because it helped me to unwind from my day-to-day stress, and when I jumped in the sea had a calming effect on me.

This experience will forever rest in my memories because I had never done this activity before, and I tried my hand on that occasion. My father was showing a sense of apprehension that something adverse could happen. But, the other group members boosted my confidence, and I returned with a handful of experience.

I felt over the moon when the trainer instructed me to jump into the sea; I also saw various creatures, such as octopus and starfish, because I had never watched them before, so this was an activity and thrilling experience.

Sample 4

Being an adventure enthusiast, I have done numerous exciting activities with my near and dear ones. One of them is exceptional and, hence, worth expressing.

This activity was participating in a cooking competition, and my sister participated with me. It happened in our township when one of the grocery companies conducted a cooking competition where the task was to cook a mouth-watering from some other cuisine except Indian.

I participated in the show because, since childhood, I have had this habit of doing challenging things. Since cooking is not my forte that is why I participated in that show to put whatever knowledge I have of culinary skills to task

My sister and I had just two days to prepare for the show and worked determined to win. We watched numerous cooking videos on YouTube and finalized the Japanese dish ‘Sushi” to cook in the competition.

I was initially nervous during the participation, but After some time, I started finding it exciting. When the final result was announced, we got the first position. After successfully winning the competition, I was on cloud nine.

Sample 5

Being an adventurous person, I go regularly for exciting activities. Now, one such experience I had is worth discussing, and that activity was taking a bath in a flowing river. I went there with my college friends.

It happened two years back after passing up college; me and my friends didn’t get enough time to spend gala time together. So, when there was a day off, many of my friends informed me in our college WhatsApp group.

So I decided to make a plan, and there’s a river nearby in my residence.
So we all went there, and the experience was mesmerizing for many reasons.

The first one was that our friends had a great time there.
We not only took a bath in the river, but we also had mouth-watering delicacies.

Apart from this, overnight we stayed in the tent, and it was an exciting activity because swimming in a pool is an easy job. In contrast, if you swim in a river that’s a bit challenging because you have to manage the flow of the water as well, and the water was cold, so it was challenging, but we took this challenge.

A few of my friends were reluctant to go inside, but we threw them, and even they enjoyed it. The water was not deep, so it was not dangerous.
We enjoyed ourselves a lot, and the excellent time I had with my friends during that day will always remain etched in my memories. And if I get a chance again, I would like to go for that activity.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe An Exciting Activity That You Experienced With Someone Else”.

1. What kind of activities do young people like to do?

Young people tend to run after instant gratification. Due to this reason, they prefer to engage in short-term entertainment activities. Outdoor, they like go-karting, bungee jumping, snorkelling, and beach volleyball. Indoors, they want to play board games and video games.

2. Why do some young people like to do adventurous activities?

Some young people love to engage in adventurous activities because they have a lot of energy at their disposal, which they want to utilise by indulging in activities. Apart from this, many young people have this uncanny knack for going beyond the conventional domain, and the best way to do that is by participating in adventure-oriented pursuits.

3. Do you think older adults accept changes?

As we age, our tendency to accept changes is nosediving, and we love to live the same way. So, it is true that for older adults, it is challenging to take the difference.

4. How do exciting activities relieve people’s stress?

It is a gospel truth that our brain is bad at multitasking and can focus on one task at a time. Therefore, when we indulge in exciting activities, we remain so involved in them that we forget our troubles. That is why people say that stress goes for a toss when you focus on fun.

5. Can you give some (other) examples of risky or adventurous activities?

These days, we have many risky and adventurous activities at our disposal. The prime examples are bungee jumping and river rafting, in which a lot of thrill is involved, and weak-hearted people should stay away from them.

6. What skills do people need to take part in adventurous activities?

Those who wish to take part in adventurous activities need to be physically and mentally tough because, with these two traits, participating in such pursuits is a manageable task for them.

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