Describe an activity that made you feel tired IELTS Cue Card

Describe an activity that made you feel tired IELTS Cue Card


Describe an activity that made you feel tired
You should say:

  • When and where it took place
  • Why you took part in it
  • What the activity was
  • And explain why it made you feel tired

Sample 1


Although I have participated in many tiring activities, one is special and worth mentioning.

When and where it took place 

It took place in my neighbourhood last month.

Why did you take part in it? And What was the activity? 

The activity was to remove all the rubbish from our society, like used plastic bags and discarded furniture items, etc.

And explain why it made you feel tired.

It made me feel tired for many reasons. Firstly, this activity was done on Sunday. The week before this activity was very hectic, and I travelled extensively. Moreover, I could not sleep properly because of my workload. So, the strenuous activity of collecting garbage from various parts of the township was daunting as it required a lot of effort, like bending, moving, and stretching.

Moreover, the weather on that day was terrible. There was scorching heat, and I experienced immense sweating while moving to different parts of my township. Apart from this, there was a power cut, so the fans and the water cooler provided in the common areas were not operational.

Another reason for feeling tired was that I was the only youngster in the team of volunteers, and the other participants were of middle age, and wherever the task was tough, they turned to me. For example, I was the only person who searched and picked up the rubbish from the basement because, for others, climbing the stairs was challenging.

After finishing the work, I was quite tired, but I felt happy because I participated in a noble cause through my efforts. 


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an activity that made you feel tired IELTS Cue Card”.

1. Does studying and learning make people tired today? 

It is saddening to say that studying and learning are tiring for most people in the contemporary epoch. It is because people have this uncanny knack for running after instant gratification and do not realize that it is imperative to indulge in studying and learning for a fruitful career.

2. When do people usually feel tired? 

People usually feel tired when they have to do physical or mental work for long hours, and no doubt they push their limits, but eventually, they feel exhausted. Apart from this, harsh weather conditions like excessive heat and humidity drain people’s energy, making them feel like they are struggling to regain it.

 3. What do you think about striving for learning and striving for sports? 

There is a huge difference between striving for learning and striving for sports. The reward is not immediate in learning, and we must experience delayed gratification. Sometimes, it takes years for the results to be visible because only education is unimportant. Its application is also necessary.

On the contrary, certain rewards are immediate in sports, like scoring a goal; moreover, there is a high emphasis on physical power over brain power.

4. Do people have fewer holidays now than in the past? 

The number of holidays we have is more than it used to be because every year there is a new addition of holidays. Moreover, most organizations are opting for a day’s working setup instead of six days in the past.

5. What are the differences between feeling tired after studying and exercising? 

As far as feeling tired after studying, it is more mental and less physical. In such a scenario, a walk, listening to music, and talking to a friend do the needful.

On the contrary, feeling tired after exercising is a different scenario; in it, people feel physical pain and need rest to come out of it.

 6. How can people solve the problem that older adults easily get tired? Firstly, older adults must indulge in more mental tasks than physical jobs. Apart from this, they must work for fixed hours and take short breaks. Furthermore, they must use technology to their advantage and automate most tasks. By following these practices, they do not easily get tired.

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