Describe an area of science (biology, robotics, etc.)that you are interested in and would like to learn more about IELTS Cue Card

Describe an area of science (biology, robotics, etc.)that you are interested in and would like to learn more about IELTS Cue Card


Describe an area of science (biology, robotics, etc.) that you are interested in and would like to learn more about
You should say:

  • Which area it is
  • When and where you came to know this area
  • How you get information about this area
  • And explain why you are interested in this area

Sample 1


Although numerous fields of science interest me, one of them is special and worth mentioning.

Which area is it 

The field of science in which I am interested is artificial intelligence.

When and where did you come to know this area  

I came to know about six years back when I used Alexa for the first time.

How you get information about this area 

I gained information from many platforms regarding it. Firstly, I have subscribed to many YouTube channels with enough content on artificial intelligence. There is substantial information in videos, like what tasks this facility will do on our behalf.

Apart from this, I have read numerous books on this topic where there is a lot of information regarding the technologies used in creating artificially intelligent power products.

Moreover, I am part of various WhatsApp groups where the latest happenings in artificial intelligence are regularly shared. Whenever I have a doubt, I ask questions in these groups, and espers are there to provide me with a suitable reply.

And explain why you are interested in this area.

 I am interested in this area for many reasons. Firstly, I hate doing menial tasks like creating pictures through Photoshop and artificial intelligence; I can do such charges without much effort at the drop of a hat.

Apart from that, it is a burgeoning field where growth is high, and by adopting it as a career, I can move my career toward an impressive growth trajectory.

Lastly, the earnings in this field are great, and I can earn a large amount of money by learning it.

Sample 2

Numerous fields of science interest me as a medical student; one is exceptional and worth mentioning, so biology interests me the most.

I find this subject interesting because of multiple reasons. Firstly, I find flora and fauna very fascinating. I learned about this subject when I was in primary school. At that time, I learned we share our biodiversity with several plants and animals.

Moreover, I learned that the organisms we cannot see with our naked eye are in our surroundings. I learned about tiny micro-organisms and have seen them in the microscope.

Apart from this, I also learned about our body structure, and it fascinates me the most that our body consists of various kinds of cells, tissues, and organs. Then I came to know about the RBC cells that make up of blood of the human body.

Apart from that, I also learned about the heartbeat and how the human heart beats per minute, which fascinates me the most. I have learned various practical things, such as how to sow vegetables and how the photosynthesis process takes place, which we cannot see with our naked eyes, so this is the subject that I particularly wish to learn more about. Moreover, I have seen YouTube tutorials and learned and honed my skills in the subject, so this is the subject that interests me the most.

Sample 3

A significant advancement has been witnessed in the field of technology today. I want to talk about an area of science known as artificial intelligence, which interests me the most.

In different ways, the technology has launched different kinds of devices such as Siri and many others. It is launched on iPhones and some other Android phones.

I learned about this area when my brother bought a new iPhone in 10th standard. And he was very excited about it, and most of the information he searched on Google.

With the help of Siri, we can also give voice commands and make voice calls. And I am interested in this area as I also have an Apple phone.

It also helps me in different ways. I can command the series if my hands are busy doing some work. It handles my work very well and is a significantly developing technology application that helps most people in my country.

Sample 4

It is unequivocal to say that science has made many contributions to society, and the remarkable change in society can be seen with the help of science. There are various aspects of science, including sectors like physics, chemistry, biology, machinery, and robotics. Among them, I was fascinated by biology and the reason behind it; I can say that it’s the way the teacher used to teach me, like she used various kinds of examples, such as living examples, which allowed me to make it my special subject. I was interested in it because I could learn many things about plants, and it’s my passion. I am very interested in the aquarium and the aqua plants, especially.

So, she taught me with the help of examples, which inclined my interest toward biology. Suppose I talk about the area that helped me. It didn’t have a major impact on my life. I love it because of my interest in plants like aqua plants. As I said, my favorite plant is the Chimono; it’s not a proper name, but we call it Chimeno in Japanese, and it’s a plant grown under cascades.

So yes, it’s a plant they use to make the Sushi, the upper layer of Sushi. So, that’s why I love biology. I learned a lot about our beaches, rainforests, and lands, and we have a lot of species of plants in our world. It helped me learn about that species, and I can tell anyone about any plant.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an area of science (biology, robotics, etc.)that you are interested in and would like to learn more about IELTS Cue Card”.

1. Why do some children not like learning science at school? 

There are many reasons why some students dislike learning science at school. The first and foremost reason is a lack of interest because not all students have an analytical mind, and some are better at arts and crafts. Apart from this, learning science requires rigorous study coupled with determination, dedication, and discipline, and those who do not like working hard refrain from studying it.

 2. Is it important to study science at school? 

In this modern era, science has made inroads in every field. In such a scenario, basic knowledge of science is a must-have for all students because whatever career option they take in the future has an element of science involved in it.

 3. Which science subject is the most important for children to learn

Physics is the most important subject because it deals with nature and natural phenomena. Those who do not do good in this subject fail to understand the basic workings of science. Hence, effective learning of this subject is prudent for all science students.

4. Should people continue to study science after graduating from school? 

After passing school, the students must excel in their field of expertise, and there must be no compulsion to study science. Because the students acquire the basic working of science in their school and those looking for a career in humanities and commerce streams must not spend their time learning science because it would only help them a little in their career.

5. How do you get to know about scientific news?

As far as scientific news is concerned, plenty of platforms exist to obtain them. Firstly, there are a lot of journals that deal specifically with this field. Apart from this, many newspapers publish news related to science and technology. Moreover, there are many websites where you can get all scientific information at the click of a button. 

6. Should scientists explain the research process to the public?

Scientists must work with determination, dedication, and discipline for years to complete their research. So, their research should refrain from sharing the research process with the public because it could spread plagiarism, and others could benefit from the hard work of the researchers.

Moreover, some research work could only harm the general public if it falls into the right hands. Hence, not sharing the research process with the public is prudent.

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