Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting IELTS Cue Card


Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting
You should say:

  • Where it is
  • How you knew it
  • What special features it has
  • And explain why you think it is interesting

Sample 1


Although my country has numerous interesting places, one has a specialty worth mentioning.

Where it is 

It is in the northeastern side of India in a state called Meghalaya. Its name is Cherapunji, and this place receives the maximum rainfall worldwide.

How did you know it?

I first learned about it when I was in fourth standard and read a full chapter on it.

 What special features it has 

Many researchers have concluded it is the wettest place on Earth. It gets extremely high annual precipitation, which makes this place an alluring beauty with lush green landscapes, rich flora, and many waterfalls, including the captivating Nohkalikai Falls. The region’s amazing living root bridges, made by training tree roots to construct functional bridges, are a perfect example of indigenous engineering. It depicts that nature and human innovation work like a charm when they do work in unison. Cherrapunji’s stunning natural looks, with mist-covered valleys and peaks touching clouds, make it a famous tourist destination. It delivers a fascinating glance into the spectacular landscapes of the Northeastern part of India.

And explain why you think it is interesting.

It is interesting because it is unique, and the administration has left no stone unturned to spread its uniqueness in all parts of the world. Due to this reason, it has become a famous tourist spot for millions of visitors who visit it to have a close look at the environment over here, which is no doubt different than any other part of the world.

Spending a few days in Cherapunji’s environment provides an experience that will always remain etched in your memories.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a place in your country that you think is interesting IELTS Cue Card”.

1. How can people access travel information? 

In the modern era, there are many options to access travel information. First and foremost is printed content in magazines, newspapers, and books. There are numerous websites where prospective travelers can find enormous amounts of data. Apart from that, people can access mobile phone applications to find details regarding travel.

2. Do people have different personalities in different regions of your country? 

My country is unique because it exhibits universities in diversity. The culture changes from state to state, so people from different regions show different personalities.

3. What causes the differences between different regions of your country? 

Many factors significantly influence differences between regions, such as historical events, geographical location, climatic conditions, cultural practices, and economic prosperity. These factors play a stellar role in shaping the lifestyle in each region, which can affect people’s personalities. 

4. Is it just youngsters who like to try new things, or do people of your parent’s age also want to try new things? 

The zeal to try new things is independent of age; Rather, it thrives on a person’s attitude. There are umpteen examples of young people who dislike stepping out of their comfort zone. On the contrary, many older adults keep trying new things even at the ripe age.

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