Describe a party that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card

Describe a party that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card


Describe a party that you enjoyed
You should say:

  • When and where the party was held
  • Who attended the party
  • What kind of party it was
  • What you did in the party
  • And explain why you enjoyed this party

Sample 1


Although I have attended umpteen parties, one was exceptional, so it is worth mentioning.

When and where the party was held?

The party was held in a restaurant near our school.

Who attended the party?

All my classmates with me in my 12th standard attended that party.

What kind of party it was?

It was a school reunion party.

What did you do at the party?

We did many things in the party. It started with a welcome drink. After that, everyone gave a small speech about our future goals and aspirations. After that, we had a poolside dance party. There were numerous mouth-watering delicacies to pamper our appetite.

We had to leave the restaurant at 11:30 pm, but the party did not end there. We went to one of our friends’ houses nearby and had a chit-chat session until 4 am. After that, we went to a coffee shop, and after having coffee, we parted ways and went back home.

And explain why you enjoyed this party.

 I enjoyed the party for many reasons as I met my friends after a long time. I was in class nine because due to the covid, there was a lockdown, and for the whole year of 12th standard, we had lessons from home.

Apart from this, the other reason for enjoyment was that most of us got admission to good colleges, and we celebrated that with pomp and show.

In a nutshell, the good time spent at that party will always remain etched in my memories.

Sample 2

Although there are various parities that I have enjoyed, one of them is exceptional and worth mentioning.

Last year, it was my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, and indeed, they had completed a particular milestone in their life, so I decided to arrange a party for them,

It was a surprise party, and I invited all my kith and kin. Also, the whole responsibility was on my shoulders to arrange the decoration items and catering items.

So I called my brother, and we prepared the menu and finalized a renowned restaurant nearby. So, on the anniversary day, I surprised my parents and took them to the hotel.

Also, I ordered the cake; the photograph was printed on the cake. My parents felt over the moon. Their eyes had tears of joy; all the family members were stunned by that particular family moment.

Well, everyone danced and enjoyed this occasion, and these moments will remain etched in my memories.

Moreover, my brother could not reach the hotel as he was living abroad, so this was a lifetime experience to arrange a huge party for my parents. They also danced together on the occasion.

And everyone was amazed because they are introverted people who dislike dancing on such occasions. So this was the party that I enjoyed lately.

Sample 3

Parties are stress buster for us we enjoy a lot in parties.

Today, I want to talk about a party I enjoyed the most. I remember juniors at the school giving a farewell party to our class.

At this party, juniors decided on the dress code for the students. It was a theme party, and everyone had to come wearing the dress of a cartoon character. I wore the dress of Superman.

At that party, all my classmates came. Also, we enjoyed it a lot because there was an excellent DJ system and my friends and I enjoyed the delicious snacks.

Suddenly, a singer named Hunar Sandhu \; his new song was released, and he came to promote that new song. My friends and I shook our legs on the song and felt jubilant.

And the aftermath, I met that singer and also clicked some pictures. I also showed those pictures to my friends and siblings, and they were jealous of it.

Apart from this, I enjoyed a lot in the party because it was a red letter day for me. After all, it was the last day of school and a memorable time for me. And I recalled all my school memories with my classmates.

I delivered a speech regarding my excellent time at my studies and future goals. After that, some of my school teachers were also there and gave me blessings and awards for being a good student and house captain.

It was a party that I enjoyed a lot.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a party that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card”.

1. Why do people like parties?

People like parties because when they attend them, they get instant gratification by eating mouth-watering delicacies, dancing, listening to music, and talking to their near and dear ones.

2. Why do some people not like going to parties?

Some people do not like going to parties because they want to stay away from the hustle and bustle. Moreover, sometimes you develop a dislike for parties if someone adverse happens to you at an event.

3. Do you think those who tend to stay at home are less healthy than those who often attend parties?

Your fitness depends on whether you stay home or like to go to parties. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. So your health depends on what you eat and how you exercise,

4. Do you think music and dancing are necessary at a party?

Music and dancing are not just at a party because there are other means of enjoyment like playing games, role-playing, and mimicry of the participants.

5. What would you do if you were disturbed by a neighbor’s party?

The first step is to close all doors and windows of my room to minimize the noise. However, if the still noise comes, I would politely complain to the neighbor to reduce it. If that does not solve the problem, I would lodge a formal complaint with the competent authorities to take stringent action against the miscreant.

6. What are the differences between holding a party at home and in a public place?

At home, there is a private space for holding the party, so there is less nuisance from others. On the contrary, you find it challenging to have a dedicated place for the event in a public place.

Apart from this, we can design the party at home per our wishes and desires. However, in a public place, we have to follow umpteen protocols. Hence, there is less freedom to organize the party.

7. Do children like to party?

For children, fun is the priority. Due to this reason, they love to join parties, and when they miss an event, it is challenging for the parents to handle their kids.

8. Do adults like to party?

In this modern era, where fierce competition exists in most fields, adults like to relieve stress and feel comfortable. Hence, partying is the best option at their disposal.

9. Do you like loud music in the party?

Loud music at parties doesn’t appeal to me because it catches my head and makes me uncomfortable.

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