People used to live in the same city throughout their lives IELTS Essay

People used to live in the same city throughout their lives IELTS


People used to live in the same city throughout their lives, but now they change where they live several times. What is the cause? Do you think it is a positive or negative trend?

Sample Answer 1

In yesteryears, people used to reside in the same place throughout their lives. However, these days, they change their homes many times. This essay will suggest that the principal cause of this shift is opportunities. In my opinion, it is a positive development because a person will get greater exposure.

To begin with, in the present scenario, people change their residency throughout their lives due to education and job opportunities because one area cannot provide enormous benefits. There is denying this conviction that if people stay in the same place, they cannot grow in the contemporary epoch. Therefore, moving from one place to another for better avenues helps them bring a paradigm shift into their life. For instance, a report published by “The Tribune” says that more than 60% of individuals generally shift from their native place to avail opportunities for work and study as their resident place does not have ample facilities, saving them time and money.

This shift is a positive development, undoubtedly owing to the more fantastic experience that it provides. It is undeniable that when people get out of their comfort zone, they learn about the outer world and the culture of distinct places. Moreover, meeting with new people, making connections with them, and changing homes leads to the holistic development of a person for a fruitful future. Therefore, it is a crucial perspective to keep changing resident areas to grab the experience. For instance, I changed my home for study purposes, and after graduation, I shifted to another area for a job; this change espouses personal growth, which would not be possible if I stayed in the same area throughout my life.

To summarize, the leading cause of people shifting their homes is to gain comprehensive career growth, undeniably it is a positive trend because a person gets plenty of experience. Therefore, it is a prudent approach to keep changing homes.

Sample Answer 2

In this contemporary epoch, people change their city or living place several times as previously they used to live in the same city throughout their lives. In my opinion, employment issues are the prominent cause of this, and it is a negative trend because people feel more irritated by changing their living places.

Various jobs required their employees to move to different cities to complete their tasks. These types of jobs are the primary reason people change their living places. As per the task given by the company, they need to move further in different cities. Moreover, sometimes people need proper employment in their city. For further career growth, they need to move to various cities to lead their career towards an impressive growth trajectory and get a good package. For example, Multinational companies from divergent sectors are located in Metro cities, so people need to move there from their hometowns. If their job is related to sales and marketing, they must move to various cities for their work-assigned tasks.

Furthermore, it is a negative trend because moving from an established living place to a new one and developing everything there is challenging. It irritates you because people cannot enjoy their lives, and their families, children’s education, and standard of living will suffer. Also, they become short-tempered by changing cities again and again. People become introverted by doing this because they do not trust people due to living in a place for a shorter period. For example, people are introverted in numerous societies due to continuous changes in living places.

To conclude, employment issues are the predominant reason people change cities and living places; it is a negative trend because it makes people feel more irritated.

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