Latest IELTS Exam Letters 2022

Latest IELTS Exam Letters 2022

Latest IELTS Exam Letters 2022

April 2022

Essay topic: (Reported on 23rd April)

Your office building doesn’t have parking available.

Write a letter to the manager. In your letter:

Explain the problem

Suggest a solution

Say why parking will benefit all employees

Model Answer

Dear Sir
I am Navneet Kaur, a member of your sports centre, “Fit is Hit”. I have been its member for six months. Although I enjoy the extra facilities provided by this centre, I have issues with the changing rooms. The rooms smell like mould and damp. It may seem trivial to you, but a nightmare for the people who have to change their clothes after a shower and bear that unbearable smell

A few months ago, I lodged the same complaint, and to my dismay, the sanitation department used room fresheners to curb the smell. But it was a temporary solution. Being a customer of your sports centre, I expect permanent solutions not a temporary one for namesake.

I would like you to personally look into the matter and ascertain the cause of the smell to provide a permanent solution. As it is your bounden duty to provide healthy and clean services to us, please look into the root cause of the problem, like whether it is due to seepage of water in the walls due to some sort of leakage in sanitation pipe. Please have them checked. I hope you will provide a timely solution to this issue.

Yours faithfully
Navneet Kaur

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