Plastic Pollution Essay for Students and Children

Plastic Pollution Essay for Students and Children

Plastic Pollution Essay for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Plastic Pollution

There is no denying this conviction that Plastic has spread a lot in the past few decades. People have made it an integral part of their lives and use it for comfort. However, only a few people realize it is detrimental to our planet. It is our bounden duty t become aware of the disastrous repercussions of such overuse, burgeoning plastic pollution. Avoidance of plastic waste must be an integral part of schools’ curricula. Likewise, adults must follow the prudent approach of refraining from using it. Moreover, the higher authorities must take stringent actions to restrict plastic Pollution so that it doesn’t harm our planet earth.

The uprise of Plastic Pollution

Plastic has turned out to be one of the most used substances because of the comfort it renders. In the contemporary epoch, its usage is everywhere, from hotels to homes. Why is that? Why is the use of Plastic surging rather than diminishing? The prominent reason is that Plastic comes at a reasonable price. It is a cheaper alternative to paper and cloth. Due to this reason, it is widespread.

Secondly, its usage is simple. Plastic use is comfortable for both liquid and solid products. Furthermore, it is available in various forms, taking any shape depending on the requirement.

Apart from this, it is a gospel truth that Plastic does not decompose quickly. It remains in its original form for ages, and dissolving it in land or water is impossible because it remains forever. Thus, enhanced use of Plastic leads to more Plastic which we cannot decompose. Therefore, plastic Pollution is burgeoning at an alarming rate.

Impact of Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution is a potential threat to the whole plane, including human, wild, and marine life. It is gaining momentum, and the higher authorities have yet to find an effective solution to tackle it. We all collaborate to control and minimize the adverse implication it has on human lives, and we only have a little time at our disposal.

Plastic contaminates our precious resource, water. Each year, a massive quantity of Plastic goes to the ocean from different water bodies. Plastic impures the water as it does not get dissolved in it. Thus we can assume that we will have little clean water in the future.

Moreover, Plastic contaminates the land also. Humans have this habit of dumping Plastic rubbish into landfills; this activity damages the soil. It nosedives soil fertility. Furthermore, it spreads numerous diseases in the area, which it pollutes.

The most devastating damage plastic Pollution does to Marine life. The aquatic animals take plastic waste as food for them and consume it, which leads to their mortality. For example, the death of a dolphin happened because of a plastic ring stuck in its mouth. As a result, it choked its mouth, did not eat anything and died of starvation. Thus, the usage of Plastic is posing numerous threats to marine animals.

To summarise, plastic Pollution is a pressing problem for everyone and adversely impacts everyone’s life on earth. We need to take informed decisions to mitigate it. We must adopt stringent yardsticks, switch to alternatives such as cloth and paper bags, and stop using Plastic. Moreover, we should use only that Plastic which is recyclable. We must refrain from drinking bottled water, which is the most significant contributor to plastic Pollution. 

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