The health benefits of physical exercises are well known IELTS Essay

The health benefits of physical exercises are well known IELTS Essay

The health benefits of physical exercises are well known IELTS Essay


The health benefits of physical exercise are well known. Despite this, many people do not exercise regularly. What are the reasons for this? What could be done to encourage them to exercise regularly?

Sample Answer

There is no denying this conviction that many people are familiar with the countless benefits of physical exercise but do not indulge in it. This essay will suggest that the principal causes of these issues are excessive work engagement and paid subscriptions, and will submit how social awareness and free facilities can resolve this issue.

First of all, in this fast-paced life, finding time for a workout is certainly a daunting task for people as more and more people are becoming workaholics these days. Exercising after long workout shifts might seem like a waste of time for them; hence, despite knowing the benefits intentionally, they prioritize socializing and self-relaxation in their free time rather than doing hard physical workouts. Apart from this, skyrocketing paid subscriptions are often a stumbling block; fitness enthusiasts Join exercise clubs to support these well-known sports clubs, such as Gold Gym and Good Life Fitness Center, and the average monthly cost is six thousand rupees which is substantially high for a large section of the society.

Social awareness is the prudent step the government must take to tackle this problem. They should introduce the remarkable advantages of physical exercise. Besides, the government must open free sports clubs and Gyms so that the general public can join free of cost. For example, the Indian states Punjab and Haryana have free gyms in almost every city; therefore, people from these states are more active and fit than others.

In conclusion, lack of time, money, and desire are the three main reasons people neglect exercise. Encouraging them and reasonable price costs can help them become healthier and fitter.

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