CELPIP Speaking Test Task 1:Giving Advice

CELPIP Speaking Test Task 1:Giving Advice

  1. Your friend is looking for a new-generation laptop

Sample Answer

Hi, good to know that you have joined the college. As far as your query about the new generation laptop is concerned, you should consider several points. First and foremost is your purpose for purchasing the computer. Is it for learning, gaming, or random use? It will decide the version of processor, storage, and RAM required. It is also imperative to assess the device type, connectivity, price, screen size, and storage.

A Chromebook is reasonably priced and lightweight if you are on a budget. Nevertheless, it has limited storage and may not be suitable for heavy users. Windows laptops are the best in the business, and experts suggest one under $500, which would work like a charm for five years.

Moreover, checking the specifications and reading reviews before finalizing the deal is vital. It will ensure that the laptop serves your purposes and expectations. You must also consider the brand’s track record and warranty terms in any conflict.

Buying a new-generation laptop is daunting; however, considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and get the best deal.

2. A friend is looking for a job change. Advise him about different ways he can find a new job.

Sample Answer

I am glad you have finally decided to do a job to gain experience. When it comes to searching for a new job, there are numerous ways you can consider:

First and foremost are Online job portals where you can search for jobs from employers worldwide. The prime examples are LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, and Monster. These websites assist job seekers in finding employment by location, industry, and job title.
You must also contact your network, including school and college contacts. You can also join networking events, job fairs, or professional associations to widen your network.

Furthermore, recruitment agencies can provide unabated support in finding jobs matching your skills and experience. They can also offer precious advice and help throughout the job search process.
Lastly, you can use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to look for job openings and connect with recruiters and hiring managers.

The prudent approach is to be proactive, consistent, and patient in your job search. Combining these methods can enhance your chances of getting a new job that aligns with your career ambitions and aspirations.

3. A friend is looking for a summer job. Advise him about different ways he can find work for the summer.

Sample Answer

Looking for a summer job can be an arduous task. However, there are several ways through which you can search for work for the summer. Here are a few options worth considering:

First and foremost are Job search websites such as Indeed, Naukri, or Monster. These websites help job seekers to find jobs by place, industry, and job title.

Apart from this, I suggest you visit local businesses like eating joints, retail stores, and cinemas to inquire about summer job opportunities. You can also go through the websites of these businesses for job postings.

Moreover, you can also consider working at summer camps or youth programs. These jobs usually include openings such as camp counsellors, lifeguards, or sports instructors.

Furthermore, you can also consider working as a freelancer or gig worker. Platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and TaskRabbit provide flexible work profiles where you can work part-time.

Lastly, reach out to your personal and professional network for job referrals.

Overall, finding a summer job requires determination, dedication, discipline, and creativity. Combining these methods allows you to find a summer job that aligns with your skillset and interests.

4. Your younger sister is not sure about choosing a medical or engineering stream. Advice here

Sample Answer

Dear Mary,

Choosing between medical and engineering streams can be daunting for any student. Both fields provide excellent career opportunities with plum jobs.

Firstly I advise you to reflect on your interests, fortes, and passions. If you enjoy solving complicated mathematical problems and are inclined towards technology, engineering could be a worthwhile option. On the contrary, if you have a passion for biology and a desire to support people, you may seek a medical career.

Secondly, both medical and engineering fields provide outstanding career prospects. Nonetheless, engineering careers tend to divert on technology and innovation, while medical careers offer options to help people directly.

Thirdly both fields need a substantial amount of dedication, determination and discipline. Nevertheless, medical careers can be more challenging regarding work hours and emotional strain.

Lastly, you should consider the knowledge and training needed for each field. Medical careers require several years of medical education and residency, whereas engineering careers need a robust foundation in mathematics and science.

Overall, the decision between medical and engineering streams pivots around your interests, fortes, and career goals. You should talk to professionals in both fields, take psychometric tests, and research job opportunities to help make an informed choice.

5. Your brother is planning to move to Canada. Advise him to find a reliable immigration agency.

Sample Answer

Dear Andrew,

Canada is a popular destination for immigration due to its high yardsticks of living and outstanding healthcare and education systems. You need to search for a trustworthy immigration agency. Here are some tips:

Firstly look for an immigration agency accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). It helps us to ascertain that the agency pursues righteous and professional benchmarks.

Secondly, check the agency’s website and social media pages to learn more about its services and prominence. Please review the reviews and testimonials from prior clients to understand their experience.

 Thirdly you can ask for referrals from near and dear ones who have successfully immigrated to Canada. They are the best ones to recommend a trustworthy agency.

Moreover, choose an agency that provides consultation to discuss your immigration ambitions and evaluate your eligibility. It will help decipher the process and ascertain if the agency is good.

 Finally, consider the agency’s payment plan. Choose an agency that provides transparent pricing and is upfront about its fees.

By following these tips, you can find a trustworthy immigration agency to help you achieve your ambition of moving to Canada for greener pastures.

6. Your brother is planning to buy a new car. Advise him about the different cars available in your city.

Sample Answer

Hey, brother! I am thrilled you are planning to purchase a new car, and I’m here to provide you with unabated support to make an informed choice. Several car options are at our disposal in our city, and I have some tips for you which will make your task easier.

Firstly, pay heed to your needs and preferences. First, you must decide whether you want a compact car, a sedan, a MUV, or a sports car. Each type comes with its benefits and suits diverse lifestyles. Further, it would be best to ponder factors like the number of passengers, boot space, energy efficiency, and your driving routines.

Consider hybrid or electric cars if you require a dependable and fuel-efficient option. They are eco-friendly, and you can save substantial money in the long run. Apart from this, the higher authorities provide subsidies for buying environmentally friendly automobiles.

As far as brands are concerned, many options are at your disposal. It is prudent to study famous car brands which have carved out a niche for their quality, durability, and customer delight. It is worthwhile to read reviews from other owners about their experiences before deciding.

It’s also critical to have a pre-decided budget, and no need to cross that. Decide how much you can disburse on a new car without pinching your pocket and keep into consideration both the purchase price and ongoing expenses like insurance, upkeep, and fuel expenses.

Lastly, pay attention to getting an excellent bargain! Dealerships have targets, and they leave no stone unturned to crack the deal. Hence there is always room for negotiation, so research the fair market value of the car you’re curious about and use various closes to grab the best deal.

To conclude, brother, when selecting a new car, assess your requirements, explore different car styles and brands, decide on a budget, and negotiate costs. By adhering to these tips, you can make a prudent choice. All the best for your car search!”

7. A friend is looking for a summer job. Advise him about different ways he can find work for the summer.

Sample Answer

Dear John. I’m doing good and hope you’re also keeping well. Last week, I met your mom, and she told me that you passed your graduation with flying colours and are looking for a summer job to lead your career toward an impressive growth trajectory.

As a seasoned professional, I’m competent enough to provide suitable advice for getting a summer job. There are three ways to look for a suitable job.

First, you must post your CV at various job portals. The prominent ones are careerbuilder.com, monster.com, and dice.com. First, create a good CV and post it on all the portals. Furthermore, in your CV, provide details regarding yourself, like your qualifications, plans, and why you are an ideal candidate for the summer job.

The second option is to look in newspapers in cyberspace for various job vacancies related to summer jobs. These days, many startups look for summer trainees because they do not have enough funds to spend on getting experienced people, so such organizations post their ads on print media and the internet. So pick up your laptop and search for the jobs, and you can give the following prompt on Google: “looking for a summer job.”

The last option is that you have many other friends working in various organizations, and you can post your CV to them and ask them to give it to their HR department for summer training jobs. I don’t know out of these three which option will work for you so my sincere advice is that you try all the options mentioned above and I’m sure you’ll get an excellent job as per your choice.

Let’s meet this weekend for a cup of coffee to discuss your plans.

Best Regards,


8. Your friend is looking for a good place to eat in your city

Sample Answer

Hi Andrew,

I just learned that you are having a party and looking for an excellent place to eat in our city. As you know, our city has a plethora of options as far as eating is concerned. So first of all, you need to decide what type of cuisine you want. So, buffets are the best option if you want to go to a multi-cuisine restaurant. A restaurant named Baliz has recently opened and has a beautiful ambience. Right now, a deal is going on where they are giving a discount of 30%, and if you go during happy hours, like you get the billing before 7 p.m., you get an additional discount of 20%.

It is a good restaurant, and if you are looking for a special restaurant, you can go to Hotel Chivaluche. On its 5th floor, they have a speciality Chinese restaurant. So the best part about that place is that it’s the restaurant’s poolside. So you can have a pool party as well. Apart from this, if you look from the outside area, you can look at the whole city, which will give you a great experience.

Another adventure you can do is go to Tembotrail, which is 15 kilometres away from our city and is on the hills, and there is a ropeway through which you can go to that restaurant. It is a different experience because you will have dinner with Bonfire. These are the three options which I suggest.

Thank you.

9. Your friend is desperate to invest in Bitcoins. Advise him about the cryptocurrency.

Dear Gordon,
I am doing good, and you are also in the pink of health. It is regarding the advice you are looking for investing in Bitcoins.

As a financial services advisor, I am competent in advising you. As far as Bitcoins are concerned, they are the talk of the town because, in the last ten years, they have given enormous returns to investors.
Some of the people who invested in them have become multi-millionaires as well. However, the scenario is changing because many nations have banned it because they believe this particular piece of financial instrument is untrustworthy.

So, considering all these points, I want to tell you that in investments, there is a simple principle: never put all the eggs in one basket. You can put around 10% of your savings into cryptocurrency because it is a high-risk, high-profit investment. Moreover, the balance should be 90% in other financial instruments.

So, losing 10% is not a big deal; your balance investments would cover your loss.
Thank you.

10. Your friend is looking for a venue to celebrate his birthday. Advice him

Dear Andrew,

It is regarding the advice you seek regarding a venue to celebrate your birthday. Let me tell you there are a plethora of options in our city. You can have it in a fine-dining restaurant or a club. Out of these, I suggest you go to a club because, at this point, the weather is good. Having an outdoor party in the evening is a great option rather than an indoor one because there is a lot of fun on the lawn, especially in the evening. The lighting looks awesome.

Moreover, the club I am telling you about is in the city’s heart, serving various mouthwatering delicacies. Plus, they do not charge a lot, whereas, in the restaurant, there is no doubt the ambience is good, but the charges are higher. So it would help if you pinched your pocket a lot to get the desired result. Organizing the party in the club would be a better option, and I have a few contacts over there, so we get a hefty discount.

11. What advice would you give to someone who is preparing for an important job interview?

Hello Bob,

 I’m here to offer some advice on the preparation for the important interview you are going to. From my own experiences and observations, I have some suggestions that may be helpful for you. First and foremost, I recommend that you research more about the organization where you are going for an interview. 

It has worked well for me in the situation where I went for an interview, and it could be beneficial for you, too. Additionally, consider another approach as just checking the job and responsibilities for which you have applied. You should know what the requirements of the role and. Yeah, as you are being called for the interview, you are well suited for that, but you should know every one of the requirements of that particular position. Additionally, the attire that you are wearing on that specific day for the interview should be according to the interview dress. It should not be casual dress. So, at last, by implementing all these strategies and getting into that, you will be better equipped to achieve your interview target. This advice will prove helpful for you.

Best of luck

12. What suggestions would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Hello Bob,

I am here to offer some advice on how to start your own business. From my own experiences and observations, I have some suggestions that may be helpful for you. First and foremost, I recommend that you do more and more research on the idea of the business which you want to start. If you know much about your business, it will be easy for you to start it, and knowing that particular business will give your plan success. It has worked well with the other people whom I know and to whom I gave this suggestion. They have a good business going for now, and it would be beneficial for you, too.

Additionally, consider another approach by knowing how much investment is required because first, you know you want to start the business, but what investment if you come later that the investment required is much for the company you wish to. It would help if you had that investment that would work out. Lastly, you should know your competitors and how they are doing in that particular area where you want to open your business so that you have some mindset that when you start your business, it will give you a profit or how it will go. At last, by implementing these strategies you would be better equipped to achieve the goal that you want. I believe my advice would be helpful to you.

Best of luck. 

13. If someone is having trouble staying motivated to exercise regularly, what tips would you give them to stay on track?

Hello Anna,

I am here to offer some advice on staying motivated to exercise regularly. From my own experiences and observations, I have some suggestions that may be helpful for you. First and foremost, I recommend that you buy a fitness watch. It will help you take count of your steps. It will help you to walk, and count your steps when you have to stand up when you have to sit. It might help you. It worked well for me in some situations when I was also looking to do some regular exercise, and it would be beneficial for you, too.

Additionally, you should consider another approach, which is joining a gym. It motivates you because you see other people, and it creates enthusiasm in you. You start going to the gym and doing some regular cardio and some strengthening exercises, which will be able to keep you on track. Moreover, I have some exciting suggestions for you to start doing the walk in the evening time as it helps. After your work, you feel pretty relaxed. By implementing all these strategies, you will be able to get on track to achieving regular exercise and stay motivated on that particular goal. All of this advice will be helpful for you.

Best of luck. 

14. If a colleague is having difficulty communicating effectively with their team, what advice would you offer to improve their communication skills?

Hello, Bob.

I’m here to offer some advice on how you face difficulties in communicating with your team and how you can improve your communication skills. From my own experience and observations, I have some suggestions that may be helpful for you. First and foremost, I recommend that you have some open meetings where you can have a chat with all of your team members and you can have unmistakable clarity on the things where you are finding difficulty. In that way, there could be reviews and feedback from your team partners on where you need more and why you are facing challenges. Well, it was a similar situation with me also. And I did that. It could be beneficial for you, too.

Additionally, consider another approach as you start watching English movies and interacting more with English people, that would be helpful for you to maintain communication skills in your team. You will be able to understand what your team members need from you or what you need from them. Similarly, you will be able to improve more in your communication skills and able to build your team very strong and efficient. At last, by implementing all these strategies, you will be able to achieve your goal wisely. This advice would be helpful for you.

Best of luck from my end.

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