Christmases or Christmas’s or Christmas’? Which is Correct?

Christmases or Christmas’s or Christmas’? Which is Correct?

Christmases or Christmas’s or Christmas’? Which is Correct?

We all know the significance of Christmas in our lives. The word Christmas is on the list of unique words that end with an S, and it is challenging to make plural. Some people write Christmas in plural form as Christmases, Christmas’s, or Christmas’. There is a lot of ambiguity regarding which of these is the correct form and what the meaning of others is.

The experts reckon Christmases is the correct plural form of the word Christmas. Nevertheless, Christmas’s and Christmas’ are also correct for different reasons. We utilize the apostrophe S and the S apostrophe to depict possession, not multiples.


If we talk about the proper plural form of the word Christmas, that is Christmases, we need to use Christmases to refer to more than one Christmas, a Christmas of yesteryears or a Christmas that will come in the future.

In most circumstances, this is the word we need to use while framing a sentence. There is no denying this conviction that in routine, we prefer using the plural form of the word Christmas to the possessive form of Christmas.

It is a fact that the probability of discussing multiple Christmases is higher than that of discussing something associated with Christmas.


A few Christmases ago, my grandfather used to stay with us.

The fun I had during previous Christmases will always remain etched in my memories.

This year, I am short of funds; however, I will be buying many gifts in the next few Christmases


My past few Christmases have been the best because I have spent them with my family

To my dismay, I haven’t got a chance to see snow, so I am expecting my first few Christmases in the north to be white ones!


In routine discussions, it is uncommon to use Christmas as a possessive word; however, you might on a couple of occasions. Christmas’s is used when we use the word Christmas possessively. We need to use this word in rare circumstances


We have planned to invite various celebrities for Christmas’s events this year.


There is another way to write Christmas as a possessive word Christmas’ We can also express this form of the word when we are talking about a thing that belongs to Christmas. The usage of this word is highly uncommon.


We have to make numerous preparations to enjoy during Christmas’ events.

When to Use the Extra S

There is no denying the fact that on rare occasions, we need to use a possessive form of Christmas. However, the question is how we would come to know that we are supposed to use that additional S. The pertinent answer to this question is that it’s a personal choice. Although both forms are accurate, adding the additional S is the preferred and popular option.

You can go with either option, add the additional S or not. The most considerable point is consistency. You need to refrain from writing Christmas in one sentence and Jones in another. Rather, you should write Christmas and Jones or Christmas and Jones.

Which One is Correct?

In a sizeable proportion of cases, Christmases will is the correct form of the word. We use this while discussing more than one Christmas, a past Christmas, or a Christmas that will occur in the future. Christmas’s or Christmas’ are incorrect in many cases. The probability of talking about something belonging to Christmas is highly unlikely.


It can be daunting to decipher the correct way to discuss more than one Christmas. The prudent way to make Christmas plural is to write it as Christmases.

The only rare occasions when we will use Christmas’s or Christmas’ is while discussing something that belongs to Christmas. This is highly unlikely, so we need not worry about its usage.

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