CELPIP Email Writing

CELPIP Email Writing

CELPIP Email Writing

Topic 1 (Formal)

You have a full-time job and are also doing a part-time evening course.

You now find that you cannot continue the course

Write an email to the course tutor in about 150-200 words

Describe the situation

Explain why you cannot continue at this time

Say what action you would like to take

Sample Answer

Dear Sir,

I am a student in your class, Soft Skills Training. I wish to inform you that due to unforeseen contingencies, I will not be able to pursue my course further. The apparent reason is that I do a full-time job in the daytime, and attend the class in the evening. Earlier my mother was there to take care of my kids in the evening: however, she is gone to our native village for some property dispute.

During the morning time, my children go to school, and they stay there till 6 pm. After that, they come back home and being immature, need someone to take care of them. My wife comes back around 10 pm from her job. Therefore, I have no other option but to leave this course.

However, I am deeply impressed with your coaching methodology and would like to enhance my communication skills under your aegis. Although I can’t continue with the offline study, I can pursue online classes from the course.

Waiting for your reply

Yours sincerely,

Rimple Sharma

Topic 2 (Informal)

One of your friends recently had a birthday celebration, but you missed it and you forgot to tell your friend that you could not attend. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

Apologize for missing the birthday celebration.

Explain why you missed it and why you didn’t tell your friend.

And say what you would like to do to show that you are sorry.

Sample Answer

Dear Andrew,

I am doing good, and I hope you are also in the pink of health. Kindly accept my sincere apologies for not attending your birthday bash. I know it might have upset you, but the situation was not in my control and despite knowing well that it could widen the gap between us, I didn’t call you.

That day, I had planned to reach the party at 6 pm, and I was about to leave my office at 5 pm. Suddenly I got a call from one of our overseas clients, who was in turmoil because of a bug in his website. I tried to help him by fixing the problem: however, it took me six hours to solve. And by the time I was free, the time was 11 pm. I wished to leave the work in between for your celebration, but I stopped because it could have tarnished my company’s reputation.

Anyhow being your bosom friend, I won’t let you feel down. As your wedding anniversary is coming ok weekend, I have planned to make it an enchanting evening by throwing a party at my home. All our college buddies will be a part of that bash. Come with your family, and we will have a gala time together. To pamper your appetite, I will cook your favourite mouth-watering delicacies.

Let’s meet this Saturday to have guffaws of laughter.

Best Regards,