Describe a place where you would like to go to relax IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place where you would like to go to relax IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place where you would like to go to relax IELTS Cue Card


Describe a place where you would like to go to relax
You should say:

  • Where it is
  • When you would like to go there
  • What you would like to do there
  • And explain why you would like to go to this place

Sample 1

Although I go to many places for relaxation, one of them is exceptional. I haven’t visited it yet and would like to visit shortly. This place is in Chandigarh City and is named Rose Garden.

I want to go there in March because every year during that time, the administration conducts a new festival, and there are many things to do.

Inside the garden is a small cafeteria where I would eat some mouth-watering delicacies. It’s famous for its excellent sandwiches, fruits, and coffee. So I would have it over there, moreover, and there’s a particular area where you can play outdoor games. So I would play cricket with my friends.

Apart from this, there’s a library inside the garden with many interesting books. So I would read some books there in the clean and serene environment, and I like to go to this place because these days I’m tired of going to shopping malls and multiplexes for enjoyment and I am a nature-loving person so I would like to do activities in the lap of nature.

This garden is very well maintained, and I can find many good flowers there, so visiting this place could be an experience for me. So that’s why I would like to go there.

Sample 2

Being a travel enthusiast, I go to various places for relaxation.
There is one place on my bucket list, and I have yet to visit it. I’ll visit it shortly. That place is called the Queens of Hills, Mussoorie.

It is in the Uttrachal state of India, and it’s known for its pleasing climate under the arms of nature. I would go there in the coming summer vacation because that is the time when there is scorching heat in my city, and to get relief from that, I would go to Mussoorie. When I go there, I’ll do numerous activities. First, I will indulge in water sports and river rafting. There’s a place called Rishikesh close to Mussoorie, and I’ll go rafting there.

Apart from this, there’s an outstanding scenic beauty in Mussoorie, which is the Kempty Fall. I’ll go there, and I’ll take, I’ll click selfies over there, and I’ll spend one day over there looking at nature’s beauty.

There are numerous reasons why I want to visit this place. The biggest one is that I have read many reviews of this place on the Internet, and people say it is a mesmerizing experience. The hills are so alluring that they attract you towards them. Apart from this the food served over there is also mouth-watering. It is famous for its dosas. So, in the summer vacation, I’ll go there, and I’ll be going there for one week. I’ll go sightseeing for two days, and I’ll relax for the rest of the days.

Sample 3

Being a working person, I do not get enough time to relax. However, I have planned to go to a special place where I would like to go to relax, and this is my grandfather’s village. I have yet to visit because my father took me to the city after my birth, and due to the pressure of my school and college, I never got time to visit my grandfather.

So I’ll be on holiday next summer vacation, so I’ll go there. I would do many things there. First, I wouldn’t say I like the hustle in the middle of the cities. So, in the countryside, I’ll be in a relaxing environment, and rather than eating the food that comes in packets, I’ll eat organic food. I’ll do farming over there.

My grandfather has a big farm. So I’ll plant various vegetables there, like broccoli, lettuce, etc. And apart from this, I will be away from traffic congestion because only a few vehicles are there in that village and people use them to go to the city. And I’ll be having a clean and pristine environment.

Going to that place is on my bucket list for many reasons. Due to my busy schedule, I haven’t spent enough time with my grandfather, so I’ll spend more time with him. And secondly, I would like to experience the countryside life, which I have yet to experience because I’m tired of city life. So these are the reasons I would like to go there.

Sample 4

There are numerous types of places where I go and relax my mind, but in the future, I would like to go to Chandigarh because I think it is a relaxing place because there are some tourist places like Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden and lots of other gardens in which I want to relax my mind, and there are also some historical places in which there are some statues which represent their history,

There is a garden in which some statues are made of waste material. If I get a chance to go there, I will click some pictures to collect some memories. I also want to go to Sukhna Lake, where I will go boating with my friends. I would also play games with my friends because there are some malls where people can easily play indoor games like tennis, badminton, etc.

If I go there, I can easily relax my mind, so I am forcing my father to go there. He told me we would go there if I got good marks on my exams. I am leaving no stone unturned to pass my exam with flying colors to have a gala in beautiful Chandigarh.

Sample 5

I want to talk about a place I would like to visit: a rose garden, a new attraction in my hometown. It is an excellent place for youngsters and offers many activities.

First and foremost, charming cafes are offering all kinds of cuisines. In front of the rose garden is a stunning river where people go to do some river rafting and boating, which are very relaxing activities for individuals.

On the east side of the rose garden, there is one library where people do some reading to grasp knowledge. On the other side of the rose garden is a vast area where people exercise with their near and dear ones. And make and keep their body fit and fiddle.

Sample 6

I can enjoy and get a feeling of joy in my neighborhood park. If I talk about the park, it is divided into three sections. The first section is for the older generation. The second one is for the youngster. They can enjoy doing sports activities. They can play various kinds of games here. Like volleyball and basketball, there is also a tennis court, my favorite part of the park. There is also an exciting site called the children’s area. It is a vast park.

The children’s area is entirely of swings. There are activities for the children. It is good. There is also a pond in the center of the park. There are fishes as well. I love to see the children playing with the fish. Let’s talk about the best time to go over there. I want to go there in the spring. In spring, one can enjoy the golden maple leaves, which is rare here.

Apart from that, it is a good tourist attraction. I want to go over there because it gives me a feeling of happiness. I also love to sit over there. It gives me time to talk to myself. By this, I can reduce my stress.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a place where you would like to go to relax”.

1. How do students relax themselves? 

In this contemporary era, students have various options to relax. The first and foremost are outdoor games. They play games like cricket, football, volleyball, hockey, etc. Apart from that, some of them love shopping and go to various shopping malls and streets to shop for multiple products. Lastly, online gaming is gaining momentum these days, and many students relax by taking occasional breaks from studying to play all the games. 


Students can relax by doing activities like going outside, walking, and playing sports. But if I see the current generation, they are busy with their technical gadgets. Some prefer to play video games.

2. What activities do employers organize to help employees relax?

Employers have to do things beyond the conventional domain to help employees relax; to do so, they organize various celebrations in the office. All the staff members chat and interact with each other. Apart from this, there are rewards and recognition programs where employees can go for a local or international trip to relax.


There are various activities that employees can offer to their employees to reduce their stress. First of all, they can arrange a party. It is an excellent recreational activity. Apart from that, they can go on a picnic once a month. To help reduce their employees’ stress,

3. Do people now have more relaxing ways than in the past? 

There is no denying this conviction that there were few options for relaxation in the past. However, these days, we have more options. Like the internet has made inroads in our lives, we have various online gaming and social media platforms to spend much time relaxing. Also, the travelling time has been reduced so people can go far-off places without jeopardizing their work.


Yes, people have more relaxing ways than in the past. In the past, there were only a few recreational activities. But now we have gadgets, devices, and the power of the internet. We have smartwatches. There are a plethora of options.

4. Do you think natural sceneries are more helpful than indoor activities?

Natural sceneries are a far better option than indoor activities because the pursuits we do in the comfort of our homes become monotonous after some time, whereas natural sceneries are alluring. The more you watch them, the more you attach to them. Moreover, in this modern era, we are going towards closer environments, so being in nature’s lap has significance and rejuvenates our minds.


It depends on the person. Some people find happiness in the indoor scenery. Some people are extroverts. They like to enjoy the nature. For them, outdoor activities are perfect.

5. Do you like to visit movie theatres?

 Yes, I like to visit movie theatres because I’m a film enthusiast and watch films of all genres, especially comedy. However, I only sometimes go there due to the short time.


As I have observed, I see many older people who relax by doing various activities. Some of them visit their favourite places like beaches and parks. I also see some of them playing with their pets. Some of them like to spend time with their friends and family.

6. Where do Indian people like to go on weekends? 

Indian people like to go on weekends for excursion trips to nearby scenic spots, maybe hill stations and beaches. Apart from this, people go shopping, and some also play games. Like many youngsters, they prefer to play cricket or badminton on Sunday mornings. 

7. What do older adults do to relax? 

Most older adults only have a little physical energy because they do not engage in physically dangerous activities. That’s why they prefer to spend their free time in the comfort of their home or sometimes go to nearby parks and gardens to relax. 

8. What is the importance of relaxation?

Relaxation is an integral part of our life. In this modern era, where there is too much stress because of fierce competition and spiralling inflation, relaxing is a prudent approach to unwind and recharge for the coming challenges. 

9. What are the ways people relax themselves?

 Different people adopt different ways of relaxing. Some people prefer to play online games, and some prefer chatting or interacting with their near and dear ones. Lastly, many people find relaxation in their own company. They love to be with themselves, like remaining at home listening to their kind of music, reading a book, or doing some hobbies like gardening, etc.

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