Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot IELTS Cue Card

Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot IELTS Cue Card


Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot
You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How do you know him/her
  • What he/she likes to talk about
  • And explain how you feel about this person.

Sample 1

Although I have met many people who like to talk a lot, one of them is unique. He is worth mentioning. This person is my next-door neighbor, and his name is Andrew.

 I know him very well because we studied together during our school days. He likes to talk about most subjects. However, his favorite topic is self-improvement. So whenever he meets someone, he tells them how they can improve themselves.

He mostly talks about having a positive attitude in life. If he sees someone saying something negative about himself or another person, he intervenes in between and tells the subject person to come out with positive things. 

Apart from this, he tells a lot about psychological principles through which people can, you know, lead their lives towards an impressive growth trajectory, and I feel perfect about this person. 

Although he irritates me sometimes with his excessive talk, I mostly like him because whenever I meet him, I get a lot of positive vibes and energy. His friendship is vital to me because, under his company, my stress goes for a toss. 

For example, I was very upset with the lockdown and other things during the pandemic. Andrew told me that I shouldn’t worry about that because everything is temporary, and he said to me that day that one day, this local lookout would be over, and I would be leading an everyday life, and that is what happened. So his company is precious to me, and I think the world should have more people like him to make it a better place.

Sample 2

Although I know various people who have this uncanny knack for talking a lot, the person who tops the list is my friend Carol Petersen.
I have known her for two years because I met her during one of the meetings, and we have become good friends from that day.
Regarding what she likes about talking, she can speak on any topic, whether politics, religion, fashion or space science, artificial intelligence, or any topic. Mostly, she likes to talk about gossip.

She goes to every department inside the office, and from there, she collects the information, and then she passes on that information to us. The worst part is that she adds a lot of stories to the facts, and the information we get is different from what has happened.

Moreover, she could be a better listener. That means she always narrates her stories, but she barely listens if you want to talk about any point. Due to this reason, people do not like to speak to her, and I do not feel good about her because I think talking about your friends is not a problem. Still, engaging in unnecessary gossip could lead to various issues in our relationships, and relationships could go for a toss.

Moreover, due to this habit of talking a lot, she gets into a lot of trouble because sometimes she utters unnecessary words. Someone rightly said that the difference between an intelligent and an average person is that the intelligent person knows where to say what. She needs to improve because she does not think twice before uttering words, so her fan following is declining substantially. I have tried convincing her many times to work on this habit, but she has yet to listen to my advice.

Sample 3

Being a social butterfly, I meet a lot of people. Some of them are introverts, and some of them are extroverts. Recently, I met a person who speaks a lot, and I can call him outspoken. That person is my colleague, and his name is Ronaldo.

I know him well because he sits next to me in my office. After all, we work on the same profile. He likes to talk about unexplainable scenarios; his most important topic is self-improvement.

Whenever I make any mistake, he corrects me and talks a lot about weight loss. He’s a fit person. So, every day, he tells me different ways to reduce weight. He tells me I must follow the circadian rhythm to maintain the optimum weight. That means I should eat all my meals between 7 am and 7 pm and not eat anything after that because this practice promotes intermittent fasting, which is beneficial for efficient weight loss.

Moreover, he explains to me that our willpower is a limited resource every day, and it gets depleted as the day progresses. We should engage in constructive tasks so that our energy does not go to waste.

I feel perfect about this person because no doubt he speaks so much, and sometimes he irritates me, but most of the time, he provides a solution to the pressing problems of my life. He does so without any vested interest in this modern era where people are becoming profit-oriented and leaves no stone unturned to earn money from others. He’s a guy who always provides me with unabated support. So, a person like him is a must-have in my life.

Sample 4

In my family, I like to talk with many people, and they talk about many things with me, but I mostly like chatting with one of my neighbors.

His name is Narinder Singh, and he belongs to a Sikh family. He is my childhood friend, and whenever I go to his house at that time, we talk about our surroundings. I feel thrilled whenever I talk with them
because he motivates me to do different things whenever I need help.

He helps me and solves my problems well. At his home, we also talk about our studies, and sometimes I play indoor games with him, like last time we played tennis.

He is perfect at tennis and taught me how to play it. He developed a new skill in my body, and due to this, it has become beneficial for me. Whenever I play with him, I learn a lot about him because he has a lot of knowledge about studies and technical gadgets.

Sample 5

Many people I know, like some of them, are introverts, and some are extroverts. So here, I want to talk about my very talkative friend. His name is Akshay. He’s my childhood friend and a lawyer by profession. In his family, there are lawyers like all of them, and that’s why he has good topics to discuss.

And I love to speak with him. He also has a good sense of humour; whenever I meet him, he always discusses current issues. I met him yesterday, and he spoke about the recent ongoing farmer protest. He shared some excellent points about the farmer protest and some bad points about the farmer protest.

Also, in his family, everybody is very talkative, and he has a good sense of humour. He always cracks jokes, which creates an aura like the feeling of happiness. Apart from them, he’s my childhood friend and studied with me. That’s why we share a good bond and good vibes. We match the same vibes, and I also like to spend most of the time with him because of his talkative nature. Still, sometimes, he becomes idiotic because he wants to go with the flow. Sometimes, he forgets what he has to say and what not to say, which is the only thing I think is terrible about him; otherwise, he’s a good person.

Everybody would like to join his company because of that nature, and in my perspective, everybody should be talkative. It’s an excellent way to share feelings, so he is not taking any stress; he shares all his feelings. He never keeps anything in his heart. That’s why he shares everything. He feels happy; according to his opinion, it’s the best way to escape stress. I’m adopting this habit to improve my life.

Sample 6

Introverted people keep quiet in front of others; on the other hand, extroverted people remain outspoken wherever they go. I want to talk about a time when I spoke with a talkative person.

He is my bosom buddy, and his name is Raman. We both came into contact with him when we studied at the 10th standard and completed our studies.

However, we still meet each other, and apart from that, we walk every morning in the children’s park. We do some yoga and meditation and gossip with each other, and he starts conversations on different matters, but in his discussion, he never gives me a chance to speak.

He is a very genius person, and he always talks about political and social matters. He is a very personal person. No one can judge him by his personality, and whenever I feel sad at that time, he cracks some enjoyable jokes, and I get relief. I relieve my tension and worries; he is my only bosom buddy.

Sample 7

Well, I have lots of friends, but now I would like to talk about one very talkative friend, and his name is Narendra Singh. He is my neighbor, and I have known him since my childhood.

Whenever I talk with him, I feel happy because he has guffaws of laughter. Whenever I sit with him, we talk about our surroundings and my studies because he is a genius.

He always helps me with my studies, and his father is a farmer, so he talks about agriculture and other work. Whenever I go to his home at that time, we also watch some movies and some serials, and whenever I sit with him, I feel thrilled, and I like his company very much.

On weekends, we also go near my ground and play games. We talk about other things. Whenever we sit together, Narendra cracks jokes, and I like his jokes. Whenever he talks with my family members, my family members also like to listen to his jokes, and that is the person I mostly want to talk with.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot ”.

1. What communication skills are essential? 

We classify communication skills into two categories: verbal and nonverbal. So, considering the modern era’s needs, both of them are important. Verbal communication helps us to talk with a lot of people. It helps us present our ideas better, and our nonverbal skills help us maintain good contact and a good rapport with the people we meet and interact with. Due to these reasons, communication skills are essential to lead our lives towards an impressive trajectory.


We can classify communication skills into two parts: verbal and nonverbal. Although both are essential, speaking skills are more important because everybody can understand your language. Still, understanding your gestures and body language is only some people’s cup of tea, so verbal skills are more critical.

2. Are you talkative? 

Yes, I am a talkative person. Whenever I get a chance to meet or interact with someone, engage in a discussion, and discuss various topics like health and fitness, sports, music, gaming, and others. 


Yes, I’m a talkative person. I like to express my feelings and talk to the people I love.

3. Are most Indian people talkative?

Yes, most Indian people are talkative because they love to interact with their near-and-dear ones, and our society is close-knit, where people organize various events. The primary purpose behind such events is to meet and interact with many people.


Indian people talk a lot because India is a democratic country, and everybody has the freedom to speak. However, if I talk about the current scenario over there, people have become more techie, and they are busy in their working life, so this need for a talkative nature is decreasing over there right now;

4. What jobs need employees to be talkative? 

Any job in which there is public dealing. Being talkative is essential. The first and foremost is the presenters. If you are a radio or video jockey or present a show, you need to be talkative. Apart from this, people in sales jobs must sell various products. They need to be talkative because that is how they explain the product’s features. moreover, being talkative helps them to initiate a discussion and learn about the preferences of their prospective customers. 


Okay, there’s a specific job that wants its candidates to be talkative. The first of all is the news reporters. As we see in the news, newspaper reporters are very talkative. Apart from them, in the film industry, if someone is pursuing a career as an anchor or represents something, they also want a talkative person.

5. Should children be encouraged to talk more? 

They bridge the gap when they talk more with the people around them. Moreover, they come to know about various ideas, and being talkative helps them to express their emotions in a better way. Slowly and steadily, they come to understand what works for them and what doesn’t work for them, what their friends like about them, and what they dislike about them. So, being talkative is vital for children. 


Yes, indeed, because, as I mentioned, in this current scenario, people are becoming more techie and spending their time playing games. Children spend their time playing and neglecting outdoor games, and their parents must encourage them to talk. They should also teach them how to talk, which is very important.

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