Talk about a famous chef or cookbook author whom you admire IELTS Cue Card

Talk about a famous chef or cookbook author whom you admire IELTS Cue Card


Talk about a famous chef or cookbook author whom you admire
Who is he?
What does he do?
Why do you admire him?

Sample 1


Although I do not admire chefs because of my less interest in cooking, there is one cooking enthusiast whom I like, and hence he is worth mentioning.

Who is he?

The famous chef I admire is Mr Ranveer Brar.

What does he do?

He is a celebrity chef who runs a chain of restaurants. Apart from this, he plays the role of a judge in various cookery shows like “Master Chef India.”

Moreover, he is also an author and has written numerous books on Indian cuisine. Lastly, his good looks have helped me try his hand at acting.

Why do you admire him?

I admire him for many reasons. Firstly he is unlike other celebrity chefs who show a lot of attitude while expressing their opinions. He had a humble beginning, and that’s why he always understands the pains of the contestants.

Secondly, his way of expressing his cooking ideas is unique. His talks make the cooking shows extremely interesting. He describes its origin and different cooking methods whenever he cooks any delicacy.

Before watching his show, I used to dislike cooking-based programs on TV, but after watching his performance, my interest in watching cookery shows has increased considerably.

Apart from this, he is also a good human being and tends to help anyone in need. He employs many people, and his employees call him a wonderful person.

Lastly, he tends to think beyond the conventional domain. For example, during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, he uplifted people’s mood by telling them to focus on tasks they could not do due to the scarcity of time earlier, like cooking. This initiative led to a paradigm shift in the thinking of many, and they easily passed their leisure time by learning new skills.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Talk about a famous chef or cookbook author whom you admire”.

1. What qualities make a chef or cookbook author successful? 

A chef needs to have immense knowledge of his field, like how to use various spices and other cooking products. Apart from this, he must be neat and clean and maintain proper hygiene. Moreover, he must constantly learn because the world has become a global village, and the fusion of various cuisines has spread rapidly.

2. Can you discuss the impact of celebrity chefs and cookbook authors on the culinary industry and popular culture? Celebrity chefs are influencers in shaping the future of the culinary industry and popular culture. Their constant research and innovation are the talk of the town, and cooking is becoming a hobby of the masses and the classes.

3. How have technological advancements and the internet affected how chefs and cookbook authors share their recipes and expertise with the public? There is no denying this conviction that digital platforms have made inroads in our lives in this modern era. Due to that, all industries are forced into cyberspace to expand their business. The chefs and cookbook authors leave no stone unturned to use new technologies for cooking and preserving food. Moreover, they are using the cyberspace to reach a wider audience.

4. What are some emerging trends or new directions in the world of chefs and cookbook authors in recent years?

Most think beyond the conventional domain to bring something new for the masses and the classes. This practice is making them more popular.

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