Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise IELTS Cue Card

Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise IELTS Cue Card

Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise IELTS Cue Card


Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise
You should say:

  • Who/what made the noise
  • What the noise was like
  • What you did
  • And explain how you felt about it.

Sample 1

I am a person who loves a serene environment. So whenever an unprecedented noise comes out from somewhere, it disturbs me. There was a situation one year back when, suddenly, my neighbours started playing music at a loud noise at around 11 p.m.I follow the practice of going to bed early and rising early. So I have this habit of sleeping at 10 p.m.So that noise was disturbing for me.

The noise was too loud, and they were hooting and shunting. So, sleeping was a daunting task for me. To curb the noise, I called the security team of our township, which went there, but the people playing the music didn’t listen.

After that, I complained to the local police station; within 10 minutes, the police came and gave a strict warning to the people staying in that apartment. And after that, the noise stopped. And I had a mixed feeling. 

I was happy that the noise ceased, but I felt I had spoiled someone’s party, which was a mixed experience. And from that day, we made a rule in our society that anybody can play music till 10 p.m.And after that, nobody can play loud music.

Sample 2

Being a nature enthusiast, I prefer a noise-free environment; whenever there is noise, I feel terrible. This situation happened to me two years back when there was a lot of noise, and the noise was from a generator set.

At that time, I went to my hometown to spend a few days preparing for my exam because my roommates in the hostel used to make a lot of noise. So, to study in a peaceful environment, I went there. To my dismay, that did not work because just a night before the exam, there was a function in my backyard for my neighbours, and to make sufficient power arrangements, they arranged for a generator set.

There was a lot of noise coming out, and I felt terrible about it because studying in such an environment was challenging. I complained to my neighbour to remove that noise, but he didn’t pay much attention to my request.

After that, I called the sound pollution helpline and complained. Within one hour, the police came, and they stopped the generator set. After that, my neighbour arranged another generator set, which was noise-free, and this is how I got rid of the noise.

I felt terrible about that experience because these days, people have become comfort-oriented and do not consider whether their actions harm others. Such a selfish attitude is counterproductive for society.

Sample 3

In this modern era, noise has become an integral part of our lives
because there’s noise everywhere due to the burgeoning population and traffic conditions. And on many occasions, I have heard noises.

One such instance is worth mentioning. It was three years back when there was a lockdown in our country and all of a sudden, the government lifted the lockdown, and there was happiness everywhere.

During that time, the people of my township started playing loud music on the main lawn of our group housing. And the noise was loud music, and they were playing the chandeliers. And upon hearing that noise, even I was in the mood. I went down there, and with other people, I also danced and felt good.

Apart from that, there were mouth-watering delicacies for everyone, and we enjoyed it a lot. The overall experience was highly good because otherwise, noise disturbs me. But that day was special because, for six months, we had been indoors, missing the company of others.

Moreover, life came to a standstill. Due to that, we wanted to go out, which was a sigh of relief. That day we enjoyed a lot. And the good moments I had with my friends and neighbours that day will remain etched in my memories.

Sample 4

Most people like to help others, and I am also that person. I want to help others because it gives me happiness. When I was in 11th standard, my brother asked me to help him prepare for the exams.

Then I helped my brother. He needed many skills in his studies because he was studying medical science. When I helped my brother then, he felt pleased and understood the concepts better. And I also felt happy at that time. All my relatives and mother also gave me positive comments at that time.

Furthermore, my father also appreciated me at that time. Most of the time, I also helped my cousins draw some portraits because, since childhood, I have been good at drawing. So, most of the time, they gave me portraits and some other works to draw. That is how I help others, and I mostly like to help others.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise”.

1. Is noise pollution severe in India?

Yes, noise pollution is a pressing problem in India. The population needs to be lowered due to population density. Many people live in a small area and play various kinds of music. And there’s a lot of traffic congestion on the road. People blow horns, and traffic moves regularly from one place to another. Due to this, there’s unprecedented noise in every nook and corner. Only the rural areas have little noisy environment.

2. Do you like to live in a noisy place?

Living in a noisy place is a big no for me because I love a peaceful environment, and the noise disturbs my sleep. Moreover, it plays in my head, making it difficult to concentrate on my work in a noisy environment.

3. Do you like to go to noisy places? 

No, I wouldn’t say I like to go to noisy places. I prefer to live in a noise-free environment. That is why I go to only those parties where the organizer does not play loud music.

4. Where can you hear a loud noise? 

A loud noise is everywhere, especially in public places where people play music. Apart from this, there’s a lot of loud noise on the roads because of traffic congestion. So people blow horns.

5. Do you think there is more noise in people’s lives today than in the past?

Yes, people’s noise these days has increased appreciably enough. These days, there are many vehicles on the roads, and they produce a lot of noise. Apart from this, the quality of music systems has improved a lot, and the speaker size has gone small these days. But the output they give is high. So that’s why the noise pollution has increased while these send bombs.

6. Do you think the cities will become more noisier in the future?

Cities will be less noisy in the future because the administration is coming up with stringent guidelines. After all, noise pollution has become a pressing problem and could jeopardize the current generation’s peace. That’s why higher authorities are framing strict rules to curb it.

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