Describe a photo that you took and are proud of IELTS Cue Card

Describe a photo that you took and are proud of IELTS Cue Card

Describe a photo that you took and are proud of IELTS Cue Card


Describe a photo that you took and are proud of

You should say:

  • When did you take this photo?
  • Where you took it?
  • What is the photo about?
  • Why you feel proud of the photo

Sample 1

I love to take photographs, and I have many pictures on my laptop, which I see regularly. One of them is exceptional, and hence it is worth mentioning. I took this photo two years back and took it at my home only.

This photo is a family photo; all the family members are together. We have a joint family, and all members are together in this photo. It was clicked when my brother was about to go to Canada. 

So when he was about to board the taxi, I clicked this photo so that we were putting a timer that I was visible in the photograph. So, this photo is unique because I have hung it on the main wall of my drawing room. We have a close-knit family.

We all family members love each other. So my brother is away from us, but when we look at the photograph, we feel he is with us. Moreover, all of us look excellent in that photograph.

My father and my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother, my brother, and my sister all look fabulous. Whenever people see this photo in our drawing room, they give compliments, and I feel proud of this photo because that is the best gift I have given to my parents and grandparents.

 My parents and grandparents love being part of the joint family. So all of them cherish good moments. They feel good after watching this photo.

Sample 2

I’m a camera-shy person, and that is why, I do not like to click many photographs of myself. However, there’s one photo of mine which I got clicked, and I’m extremely proud of that.

This picture I took one year back, and I took it in my gym. And this photo is about my fitness, because after passing my graduation, I gained immense weight because of my sedentary lifestyle, and people used to body shame me. One day I decided that enough was enough, and for that, I decided to lose weight, and I joined a gym.

However, I was not getting good results, and thereafter I consulted a dietitian by the name of Dr Rimple, and she told me that to lose weight,
you need to go beyond the conventional domain. And to do that,
you must do a combination of a good diet plus exercise.

So I started following her advice with determination, dedication, and discipline, and I started taking all my meals between sunrise and sunset. This advice worked like a charm for me, and within four or five months, I lost immense weight and started looking good.

And to celebrate that occasion, I clicked a photo of mine, and I hung that photo on the wall of my bedroom. I look amazing in that photo, and whenever I look at it, I feel good because it reminds me that we can do whatever we want in life if we go for it with a positive attitude.

Sample 3

My most precious photograph was when my school organized a trip. We all friends visited a tranquil lake in the dense forest.

It was a gorgeous lake, and I also captured a picture of the lake’s water when I realized it was breathtaking scenery. A wooden duck was standing at the end of the lake, and I also very much appreciated it. Apart from that, my school conducted a photography competition when I came to my school after the visit.

At that time, I took this photograph to the competition. I was appreciative when I took this photograph because my school principal gave this photograph to a magazine. At that time, my principal told me I got first prize for this photograph.

Moreover, my name was published in the newspaper, and my whole family and school teachers appreciated me. My camera was lucky, giving me this type of brilliant picture.

Sample 4

I am a photoholic, and I like to take lots of photos because whenever I take any photo at that time, I feel very relaxed. I want to talk about one picture that I mostly like.

Recently I went to Manali Hills with my friends. We went on bikes at that time. I did many things over there, like dancing and eating lots of fast food. In the last, we took one photo, which was very beautiful because the photo shows the bonding of my friendship.

After that, we framed that photo and hung it on my and my friends’ room wall. Whenever I watch that picture, I feel very proud of my friendship because of my friends and me.’ friendship is solid, and most of my relatives and my other friends watch that picture, and they ask about my friends.

That is a perfect thing for me, and I also feel proud to share the gossip and the news of my friends. Whenever I meet my friends then, I have guffaws of laughter with them. That is the photo that I mostly like, and I feel proud of it.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a photo that you took and are proud of ”.

1. Why do some people use photographs to document essential things?

Some people tend to use photographs to document essential things because they can easily remember. After all, they attribute a moment to a picture, making it easy for them to decipher the information. Moreover, some people, especially those who are illiterate, find it straightforward to document things in photographs because if they cannot write it and if someone writes for them, they cannot decipher it.

2. What can one learn from photographs taken throughout history?

There are various things we can learn from photographs taken throughout history. First, we learn about the clothing type of people, how they dressed, what kind of greenery was there then, and the kind of gadgets and devices in the earlier photographs. We can see how technologically we have advanced. Apart from this, the general behavior of the people in the pictures helps us decipher what society was like during that time.

3. Are photographs the best way to remember something?

Because our mind captures photographs, they are the best way to remember something. You get the information in a written record or audio, but accurate information thrives primarily on visual content, so it is better to remember things using photographs.

4. Which is better, taking photos or keeping a diary?

A diary is more important because the photo doesn’t depict the information. When you keep a diary, you have a lot of ways to express your feelings, whereas in photographs, there are limited ways.

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