Describe a useful object in your home that you can’t live without IELTS Cue Card

Describe a useful object in your home that you can’t live without IELTS Cue Card

Describe a useful object in your home that you can’t live without IELTS Cue Card


Describe a useful object in your home that you can’t live without
You should say:

  • What it is
  • How often do you use it
  • How you use it
  • And explain why you can’t live without it.

Sample 1

I have many objects in my home that are useful for me. One is exceptional, and I cannot live without it, and that is an electric drill.

I use it now and then, mainly on the weekends, and I use it for various purposes. I am a person who loves to do paintings, and I hung those paintings on the walls of my bedroom and drawing room. And when you hang these paintings, you need to have a drill.

Earlier, I used to call in an electrician to do the work, which used to cost a lot more. The availability was an issue because the people working in this trade loved to come for extensive work, and for drilling a hole, they needed more money, so they shied away from this work.

So, after purchasing the drill, my task has become relatively easy, and I cannot live without it because life becomes complicated. For every trivial task, I need to call the labor, which charges exorbitantly, and apart from this, it consumes a lot of time.

Sample 2

Although many objects exist in my home, my printer is the one without whom I cannot live. I use it every day for various things like printing documents or taking photocopies, and I cannot live without it because I’m a voracious reader.

I don’t particularly appreciate reading electronic content because the blue light from the screen disturbs my mental peace. After all, it hinders the melatonin that our brain produces. And when you lack this hormone, you cannot comfortably sleep.

So, to read new content, I take a printout of that from my printer, and then I read it, and it works like a charm for me. And every week, because of my printer, I can read one book, and the knowledge I gained from that has worked in my favour.

Once, my printer developed a problem, so it wasn’t running for 15 days. That was the most challenging phase of my life because I was under immense stress. When I got it repaired, I sighed with relief.

Sample 3

Although numerous objects at my home help me, one is exceptional, and living my life without it is a daunting task for me. It is a piece of kitchen equipment named Nicer Dicer, and I use it daily while making my meals.

Using it is simple; it has various attachments, and you can easily cut your vegetables. Apart from that, it can help me cut salads too; it has multiple attachments; suppose I want to grate something I can do with it, or if I want to slice a cucumber, that is also very comfortable. Sometimes, I need to have finely chopped onions to use in pizzas, and it can do that. Also, if I want to whisk an egg, that is possible with it, so I use it practically for every kitchen work.

Living without this equipment is challenging because I stay away from home; my family doesn’t stay with me, so I have to cook my meals myself. This nicer dicer makes my task much more accessible. If I do not have it, I have to eat food from outside, which is not suitable for my health, so this object is an integral part of my life, and I cannot live without it.

Sample 4

I want to talk about one object I do not live without. It is a laptop, and I bought it two years ago. My parents gave it to me on my 18th birthday. It is not for entertainment for me, but it makes me productive. It is used to enhance my productivity because when I wake up early in the morning, that is the time I pick up the laptop. It also organizes me because it gives me a lot of information about the latest news. I also save time because I also do my studies.

I also use it for other purposes, like getting new information around me, and apart from that, it also helps me maintain connectivity with people. I also connect with many people far away from me, such as those living in foreign countries. I also connect with them via messages or calls; it is the best thing for me, and I do not live without it.

Sample 5

In every person’s life, there is one thing without which they cannot live, and it is helpful for them; my most valuable thing is my mobile phone. I cannot live without my mobile phone because I need to do everything on my phone and nowadays it is necessary for everybody and I am also that person. It helps me in my studies, and it also allows me to improve my study skills and art skills because whenever I need any help, I can easily search Google.

I get the solution to my problems, and I can easily handle that problem. There are also some other methods. With the help of this, I can quickly improve my other skills like gymming and others.

Sample 6

The modern era is the technology era; there are many devices, and my daily life depends on them, but I prefer to mention one particular device here. I cannot live without it; it is my mobile phone. I use my mobile phone many hours daily because I work remotely.

I have to use my mobile phone to communicate with my clients and give updates to clients, and as a software developer, I have to check many things on my mobile device that are compatible with them, so my mobile phone is very important in my life. Also, I use my mobile phone to communicate with my family because I live in another city. Hence, the mobile is the only device connecting me with my family. The mobile is the most important thing in my life, and it helps me to get updates about world affairs and the latest information regarding technology and tech news.

Now, many mobile apps like Facebook and Instagram help to connect one another to virtual worlds, which also helps, like YouTube, which plays many songs and videos. There is Spotify. I use it to listen to music when I do not have work, so I cannot live without a mobile because it has a specific role in my life to communicate at work, in social life, and my personal life.

Sample 7

I have various things at home;  some are very useful, and others are not.

And here I would like to talk about a particular object, which is my mobile phone. Without it, I could not have imagined my life. For example, I have an Apple 13 Pro mobile phone with many features that a person needs daily.

And if I talk about its price, it’s more than one lakh rupees in India. And it is a very useful phone for me. And, like every week, my phone sends me the average screen use.

And according to the data, it’s stated that I spend three hours and 45 minutes every day on my phone. And I use my mobile phone for various purposes. First, I have many social media accounts and check them frequently to keep myself updated on my surroundings and the world. I like to know what is going on around the world.

And apart from this, I use it to enhance my knowledge. After work, I do little studies about how to operate a machine. And with that help, I use my mobile phone for my studies.

And, like I said, I use it at my workplace to do basic mathematical calculations. And I can’t imagine my life without it because I  love my mobile phone and its convenience. And it has a lot of benefits.

It’s like a little robot for me. So, it has a lot of amenities like the internet, YouTube, and games.

And it also has Siri,  a kind of little robot that can answer your questions, like whatever you ask and need. So, for that reason, it is very handy in my daily routine. 

So, for that reason, I couldn’t imagine living without it. 


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a useful object in your home that you can’t live without”.

1. Why are children attracted to new things such as electronics?

A child’s mind is curious and looks for new things and things that it cannot decipher. It has more curiosity towards that. Children are attracted to such things and try to understand the mechanism; they try to comprehend how it works and spark inside them, pushing them towards new things.

2. Why do some grown-ups hate to throw out old things?

Usually, people connect an emotion with a thing they possess, and due to that reason, they find it difficult to part ways with some of them. Many kids keep their cars with them till they become adults to relive the past moments, and many girls have this habit of keeping their dolls for a lifetime, whether in good shape or not. So this is peculiar about certain people.

3. Is the way people buy things affected? How?

There has been a paradigm shift in how people buy things in the last ten years. They used to prefer offline mods for purchasing stuff like going to the market. Due to fierce competition, people need more time at their disposal. That’s why they prefer to buy things online. They read the reviews of various online products and then make a prudent choice of what to purchase or not.

4. What do you think influences people to buy new things?

The first and foremost influence on people to buy new things is need. Because they generally create needs, then they buy those things. And apart from this, advertisements play a pivotal role. Manufacturers leave no stone unturned to lead prospective consumers into purchasing certain products by using celebrities to endorse them.

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