Smoking should be banned in public places IELTS Essay

Smoking should be banned in public places IELTS Essay


Smoking should be banned in public places. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer

Smoking should be banned by higher authorities in all public places, although this would restrict some other people’s freedom. I completely agree with this statement because, firstly, it affects other people’s health, and secondly, it sets a good precedent for society and communities.

To begin with, smoking in all public places should be banned by the government because it affects not only active smokers who are addicted to it but also others who do not smoke. Moreover, when a person smokes in a public place, the smoke contains different hazardous gases. It deteriorates the environment as well as the health of the people who stand behind him. Moreover, smoking is a veiled threat to the health of passive smokers. If the central focus of the government is a restriction of smoking in public places, that would help people improve their health, and their lives would lead towards an impressive growth trajectory. For example, a study has revealed that the number of smokers has declined due to proper restrictions on smoking.

Moreover, the government should go beyond the conventional domain to ban smoking in public places. Due to this, more people will be aware of the consequences of smoking, and they will avoid active smoking. Moreover, if the government organizes stringent rules and regulations, people will think twice before smoking. It also sets a good precedent for others, and when they avoid smoking, it will help them develop their holistic growth. For instance, in the United States, a paradigm shift was seen in the number of people aware of the consequences of smoking because they followed stringent rules and regulations set by the higher authorities.

 To conclude, smoking should be banned in public places, and I agree with this statement because it not only affects other people but also it is a prudent approach for society and communities.

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