Talk about an important/Special event you celebrated Cue Card IELTS

Talk about an important/Special event you celebrated Cue Card IELTS


Talk about an important/Special event you celebrated (Answered in Past Tense)

You should say:

What was it? (Answered in Past Tense)
When did you celebrate?
(Answered in Past Tense)
Where did you celebrate?
(Answered in Past Tense)
Who was with you?
(Answered in Past Tense)
Why was It special?
(Answered in Past Tense)

Sample Answer 1 (School Reunion Idea)


Events play an integral part in our lives. Because the quality time we spend with our near ones always remains etched in our memories.

Although I have celebrated numerous events, one of them was exceptional, and it is worth mentioning.

What was it?

It was a school reunion. 

When did you celebrate?

In 2020 due to Corona Pandemic, the higher authorities imposed a stringent lockdown in our nation. Due to that, the school had to shift to online teaching instead of offline.

We all friends passed our 12th standard from the comforts of our home and didn’t meet each other for 1 year.

Last year the cases of the Corona pandemic were nosedived, and the local administration lifted the lockdown. This development prompted me to plan a reunion party, and my schoolmates also expressed solidarity with my proposal.

Where did you celebrate?

We celebrate it at a rooftop fine dining restaurant.

Who was with you?

My school friends and my teachers were with me.

Why was It special?

The celebration was memorable for two reasons. Firstly we all had a gala time together for a long time. Staying in lockdown was a painful experience, and the party we had took us to the freedom we would have before Covid 19.

Secondly, we all school friends met after a long time, and we had guffaws of laughter. We cherished all the remarkable moments we had had during our schooling days.

Apart from this, we all gave a speech on what we do further in our careers to lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Sample Answer 2 (Birthday Party Celebration Idea)


There is no denying this conviction that celebrations are an integral part of our lives because they help us break the monotony in our lives. Moreover, the fantastic time spent in such events always remains etched in our memories.

Although I have celebrated many events, the last one is special.

What was it?

It was my birthday party.

When did you celebrate?

I celebrate it on my 18th birthday.

Where did you celebrate?

I celebrate it at a hill station near my hometown.

Who was with you?

My friends and family members were with me. We stayed overnight at a resort and had a gala time together.

Why was It special?

It was remarkable because turning 18 is a significant milestone for many reasons. Firstly, you gain freedom because you are considered an adult who can independently make decisions at this age. Before this age, we are at the mercy of our parem=nsts and teachers to decide the future course of our life.

Secondly, we can sign a contract at this age because any agreement with a person who is less than 18 years of age is null and void. This authority would help me to start a legitimate business of my own.

Thirdly I became competent to do a job; this means I could financially support my parents by doing part-time work, and the experience gained could help me lead my life towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Lastly, I became competent enough to drive a two-wheeler and four-wheeler, which helped save a boatload of time.

Sample Answer 3 (Family Party Idea)


It is unequivocal to say that celebrations are a must-have to live a fruitful life. And we all try to go beyond the conventional domains to make these events remarkable.

Although I have had numerous celebrations in my life, the last one was special and is worth mentioning.

What was it?

It was the arrival of my brother from Canada after a long gap.

When did you celebrate?

I celebrated it last month with pomp and show.

Where did you celebrate?

 Due to the stringent Covid 19 protocols, I celebrated it at my home. 

Who was with you?

My relatives, friends, and neighbours were with me at this celebration. They all provided me with unabated support to make this event a fantastic one.

Why was It special?

It was remarkable because my family met my brother after a gap of three years. My brother went to Canada for higher studies two years back. And due to the Corona Pandemic, he couldn’t come to India.

Finally, the Canadian government lifted the ban on international travel. So when my brother came home, it was a remarkable moment for everyone because we had been waiting for it for two years. All my family members had tears in their eyes.

His arrival made us enthusiastic, and we started the event with a dance performance. My brother also gave a scintillating performance. After that, we enjoyed drinks and snacks.

Nobody was willing to go back home. So we remained awake all night and discussed our memories. All my relatives and friends felt nostalgic.

The excellent time spent in that event would remain etched in my memories.

Sample Answer 4 (Startup Anniversary Idea)


It is irrefutable to say that celebrations play an integral role in our lives. On the one hand, they help us relieve our stress by enjoying and on the other hand, they bless us with an opportunity to meet our near and dear ones.

Recently I celebrated an event in which the time I spent would always remain etched in my memories.

What was it? 

It was the first anniversary of my startup.

When did you celebrate? 

I celebrated it last month with pomp and show.

Where did you celebrate? 

To celebrate it we booked a resort in a remote location.

Who was with you? 

The whole team was there with families, and we had a gala time together.

Why was It special?

It was special for many reasons. First and foremost, it made me realize that when we work with determination, dedication and discipline, success comes naturally. Before venturing into this business, I had numerous failures.

There was a time in my life when I had a feeling that I am good for nothing and would live a mediocre life. But then I decided to start afresh by giving myself one year to revamp my business.

I did things beyond the conventional domain to lead my business toward an impressive growth trajectory. In short, I changed the lean patch of my life to a purple patch. Seeing my success on that day, my parents had a broad smile on their faces which was an emotionally enriching experience for me.

Moreover, my time was on cloud nine that day. Despite my failures, they showed faith in me and didn’t look for another job. Seeing their enthusiasm on the dance floor was an out-of-the-world experience for me.

Sample Answer 5 (Retirement party)


We thrive primarily on special occasions to bring joy to our life. During that time, we forget all our worries, and our central focus is to have a gala time with our near and dear ones.

Recently, I had a special occasion, and the quality time spent over there would always remain etched in my memories.

What was it? 

It was the retirement party for my father.

When did you celebrate? 

My father turned 60 years old last month and retired from his job. So we celebrated it at month-end

Where did you celebrate?

I booked a resort to make that day special.

Who was with you?

My family and friends and my father’s colleagues were there.

Why was It special? 

It was special for many reasons. First and foremost, my father did tremendous hard work in his life. Despite a humble beginning, he made significant inroads in his career by working with determination, dedication and discipline. In the pursuit of generating funds for the family, he didn’t take care of his health, and his well-being declined considerably.

His retirement was a relief for me because I wanted him to focus on his physical and mental health instead of dedicating his life to bringing luxury to family members.

Another reason was that, due to his job, my father could not pursue his passing that is singing. I know he is a versatile singer with a melodious voice. The retirement has allowed him to showcase his hidden talent to the world.

Follow up Questions

Here are some follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “  Talk about an important/Special event you celebrated ”.

Q1. How do people in your country celebrate events? (Answered in Present Tense)

People have umpteen ways to celebrate. They invite their near and dear ones to a party and have fun. The second way is going on holiday with family and friends. Moreover, in religious events, people from all walks of life visit religious places and do community service.

Q2. What events do Indian people like to celebrate? (Answered in Present Tense)

Indian people celebrate events such as birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, and retirement. Apart from this, people celebrate religious functions like Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Gurpuab, Christmas, and many others with pomp and show.

Q3. Why do you think a celebration is essential? (Answered in Present Tense)

Celebration is significant for two reasons. Firstly, it provides us with a much-needed break from our busy schedule. Due to this reason, our stress goes for a toss.

Apart from this, celebrations give us a chance to meet our near and dear ones. We interact with them and bridge the gap.

Lastly, celebrations are suitable for the economy because many industries, such as hospitality, thrive primarily on events for revenue.

Q4. Do you prefer big or small celebrations? (Answered in Present Tense)

Being an extrovert, I prefer big celebrations because I get a chance to meet many people. Moreover, there are a variety of things to do at such events. On the other hand, small celebrations look monotonous and sometimes end before time.

Q5. Why do some people like expensive and grand celebrations? (Answered in Present Tense)

Some people have this uncanny knack for showing off their opulent lifestyle. They believe that by flaunting their wealth, they can impress other people.

Q6. Do you think it is a waste of money to spend much on celebrations of national events? (Answered in Present Tense)

I think it is worthwhile to spend money on national celebrations. Firstly, such events bridge the gap between people and strengthen the nation’s social fabric.

Moreover, national events are worthwhile for the economy. Numerous people get money and employment due to such celebrations. Hence spending money on them is a prudent approach.

Q7. How can people prepare for an event? (Answered in Present Tense)

To prepare for the event, the first thing to do is make a list of the participants. After that, the organizer must ascertain the money at his disposal.

After that, the venue booking and other logistics need to be worked out. After this work, a checklist needs to be drawn, and the organizer must pay attention to other aspects.

Q8. Do you like to plan for an important meeting or activity? (Answered in Present Tense)

I give immense significance to planning because only a few good things happen by chance, and every worthwhile activity demands a plan.

Moreover, our willpower declines after some time without sufficient planning, and our enthusiasm drops. Hence making a blueprint of a meeting or activity is a prudent approach.

Q9. What factors should be considered when planning an event? (Answered in Present Tense)

The first and foremost thing is the purpose behind the function. The second most important thing is the budget because the level of function depends on the funds at our disposal.

Once both these aspects are considered, the type of audience we have needs to be given attention. Based on the preferences of our guests, the rest of the things need to be planned.

Q10.Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?

In the modern era, inflation has become an integral part of our lives. Due to this, people have to run from pillar to post to make ends meet. In such a scenario, parties provide a much-needed break to us and reduce our stress.

Hence it is worthwhile to say that the trend of parties will grow by leaps and bounds in future.

Q11.Why does food go to waste in events?

In events, a sizeable portion of food goes to waste. The prominent reason for this is the free availability of eatables, and due to that, people put in more than what they can eat.

Apart from this, a huge variety is another reason. People have this uncanny knack for trying all food delicacies, and due to that they put everything on their plate and eat a small portion of that.

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