Opulent lifestyle: IELTS Vocabulary

Opulent lifestyle: IELTS Vocabulary

Opulent lifestyle: IELTS Vocabulary

IELTS Vocabulary

Collocation: Opulent lifestyle

Meaning: Rich lifestyle, lavish lifestyle.


  1. Medical advances have made outstanding contributions to the public health care system across the globe. However, a large section of society is still unable to get quality medical services. Moreover, a few medical procedures are affordable to those only who are filthy rich and live an opulent lifestyle.
  2. The country has sublime scenery that attracts tourists from all over the world every year: However, the hotels are expensive, and for an average earning person, it is a daunting task to pay such exorbitant tariffs. Therefore this place is for those who earn substantial money and live an opulent lifestyle.
  3. In the contemporary epoch, youngsters have this uncanny knack for showing others. They exhibit that they live an opulent lifestyle. They leave no stone unturned to buy the latest gadgets and fashionable clothes. And, this impulsive purchasing is counter-productive for them and could lead their life towards the wrong trajectory.
  4. Determination, dedication and discipline lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. Moreover, consistent efforts empower us to do things beyond the conventional domain. When we do good in our lives, our near and dear ones seek flashes of inspiration from us. Furthermore, our hard work prepares us to rake in big bucks to live an opulent lifestyle.
  5. In this contemporary epoch, it is imperative to earn substantial funds. It empowers you to handle the conflicts in your lives adroitly. Moreover, it helps you garner the unstinted support of your near and dear ones. Lastly, it equips us to live an opulent lifestyle.
  6. The nations with is a wide gap between rich and poor populations do not experience holistic development. The evidence substantiates why the gap betwixt the rich and poor is not healthy for a sustainable economy. Those people who have an opulent lifestyle grow at a tremendous pace.

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