IELTS Speaking Part 1 Apps

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Apps

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Apps

How often do you use mobile apps daily, and which are your favorites? 

I spend only an hour on my phone daily in my daily routine. I want to check for updates from my friends. I search on only WhatsApp. For 10 to 15 minutes, I check my Facebook account. 

Which apps would you like to use in the future?

 In the future, whatever I am using now, I want to use these same apps because I’m not very happy using many of my phones daily. However, I want to use only WhatsApp and Facebook in the future because it’s very convenient for me to connect with my friends and family through these social media apps. 

How much time do you spend on these apps?

 For example, I’m usually swamped on weekdays because I’m working. I work, and so I typically spend an hour every day in the evening. But I spend two hours on the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. 

Do you want to make an app?

 No, I’m not too good at advanced technology. As for now, I plan to make something other than any website. But in the future, if I have up-to-date information and knowledge related to the new technology, then I will do it. 

What role do you think mobile apps play in enhancing individuals’ productivity? 

It depends on the person who is using the mobile app because if the people are using the mobile app, like making payments and want to get information related to their studies and work, then they are suitable for their productivity because they are getting good knowledge through these apps. 

And if people search on social media with their friends and family members, and apart from that, they are playing digital games on the phone, it doesn’t increase their productivity. But they are more familiar with the technology. But in the future, if they want to succeed in their work, it could be better for them. 

Can you describe a recent experience where a mobile app positively impacted your life? 

The mobile phone positively affected my life because I’m using social media, and I can now talk directly to my family and friends because I’m in Canada. I can have face-to-face conversations with them on smartphones. Apart from that, some of the apps related to banking I am using nowadays allow me to transfer money within some time. It’s an easy, safe, and secure method to send money from one place to one country to another country. 

What factors do you consider when downloading and using a new mobile app?

 First, we have to check the app’s accuracy. So, how is the app secure and safe for people? Sometimes, we find fake apps on social media. Apart from that, we have to check the viewer rating. If the rating is good, then the app is reliable. 

Has the increasing dependence on mobile applications changed the way businesses operate?

 Yes, as compared to the past, nowadays it’s easy to do business online because if people have enough knowledge about the technology, they can easily succeed through online business. And it’s very accessible for everybody because whenever everybody uses the phone, it’s time-consuming for the person who is the employer as well as for the employees also. It’s very time-consuming because they can spend time doing online business from home with the family. 

Have you ever encountered any negative consequences or drawbacks from using mobile apps excessively? 

Of course, if we are using mobile apps excessively, if I talk about my apps, sometimes when I start searching on my phone, I will take a lot of time to search because I can’t control myself. After all, sometimes we get interesting things like social videos and activities we like; then we search for them for a long time. Then, we waste a lot of time searching for these apps. 

Should there be more regulations or guidelines regarding the development and usage of mobile apps? 

Yes, I get any. There should be more regulations from the government for usage and development. Yes, the government should take some measures to develop more rules related to online information because if the information is reliable, people get to know more about the informative knowledge. After all, some mobile apps are fake, and people are misguided by them. Apart from that, some teenagers misuse some apps on social media. So, if the government has some restrictions on these apps, then there will be more information for everyone. 

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