IELTS Speaking Part 1 Foreign Food

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Foreign Food

Have you ever tried foreign food? 

Yes, I tried a lot of foreign food. My favourite foods are sushi and Mexican tacos. Sushi is a traditional dish in Japan, whereas tacos are a famous dish in Mexico.

Do you like to try new food? 

Yes, I like to try new food because trying food from different countries is my hobby. 

What foreign cuisine have you tried recently? 

I recently went to Sakuna restaurant, a traditional Japanese restaurant. They had sushi with salmon over there. It’s a Japanese rice rolled over with seaweed and raw salmon. 

How do you think exposure to foreign food influences people’s cooking preferences and habits?

 Exposure to foreign food: when we try foreign food and if we like it, we try to include those ingredients in our cooking habits. Moreover, due to that, our cooking preferences and cooking habits are changing. For example, when I first ate Chinese food, I started using corn flour in my North Indian cooking, and that enhanced the taste. 

In your opinion, what are the benefits of including foreign dishes in one’s diet?

 The only benefit is that it can increase the taste of our dish. Apart from that, some foods are very good in nutrition. For example, the Japanese prefer boiled food, which is a good idea. In India, we use different spices to make our food more tasty. But on the other side, it affects our body. That’s why foreign food will help us to make our lifestyle better. 

Have you ever had any difficulties or challenges when trying foreign cuisine? 

Yes, as I recall, last year I tried to cook momos at my home, which is a Chinese dish. Everything was going perfectly, but the only thing was that no oil was used while we steamed the momos.

So, only that part was difficult for me, and I could not cook them perfectly. Whenever I tried to steam them, I overcooked them or sometimes ruined my dish.

 Is it important for people to explore and appreciate food from different cultures? 

Yes, it builds up globalization and can also help us learn about different cultures and foods. So yes, we should try new foods from different countries and offer our food to others. 

Any foreign dish you haven’t tried yet but would like to try in the future?

 I have yet to have lasagna. It’s an Italian dish; it’s paper pasta.

So whenever I get a chance, I will grab that opportunity to try that one. Next month, I will go to the Italian restaurant and try it over there. 

How do you think globalization has affected the availability and popularity of foreign food in your country? 

Well, it increased the taste of my country’s people because more and more people prefer foreign food.

The Italians, especially, now have lasagna and spaghetti, and we can also see the proliferation of Chinese food in my country. 

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