Describe a library that you visited IELTS Cue Card

Describe a library that you visited IELTS Cue Card


Describe a library that you visited.
You should say:

where it was
what it looked like
what facilities it had
and explain what influence it had on you and how you felt about it.

Sample Answer

I have visited only a few libraries in my life. Maybe it is because I am not studying, and I don’t like libraries. I do, but some like it only for study purposes. And I only have a few libraries near my town. I want to talk about a library I visited in Muskoka, Ontario. 

The name of the library is Queen Maria Library. And it’s located in Muskoka. It’s the center of Muskoka, which is more than a tourist. It’s more of a tourist place than a library. It looks like a museum because it has an ancient library, which the Romanian and American people installed together. And there is a lot of history related to this library. 

The only thing I know is that it’s ancient and has a lot of old books around the world, and it can keep books related to Satan, which we call the devil, the devil’s book. So the library looked like a museum, and at the front was a reservation desk where we had to make a reservation like the person who visited there. 

They have to keep the records, and it is accessible for the people who have their facility card, and for the tourists, it can only have a time limit. We can spend only two hours over there if we are tourists. And if we can spend more than two hours there, we can buy a card. It is $65, much cheaper than any library or museum. 

So it has a lot of facilities available, like a kid’s section, and it has all the comics and books related to children. They also have some videos and audio sections where people can watch the books and listen to them with someone like older adults who can read and see better. These are the difficulties I like. 

Apart from that, they took a good approach, such as putting some time limit on tourists. As I see, many tourists spend a lot of time in the museum, making it more cozy for the others. 

And so what influences me about libraries is that they keep many books worldwide, and some of them are preserved very well. And they care about the books like they are. I saw one book from 1699 BC that looked new like their handwriting and pages were still preserved. So which do I like the most? 

After visiting the library, I liked to see it because, like before, I was not a librarian, and I wouldn’t say I wanted to read books. After that, I started visiting different libraries to get more information about Canada, where I live. 

I got a lot of information about the people of Canada and their culture and customs, like how the indigenous people came here and how Canada is organized. And so, all the things I learned after visiting the libraries. 


Why are libraries essential to us? 

Our libraries play a vital role for people. So apart from the blessing, blessing, blessing. So it’s a blessing for the people who love to read. Through libraries, we can get a lot of information free of cost. Some may put some fees on it, such as some paid subscriptions. But apart from that, we can learn many things through libraries. 

What facilities do you expect from a library? 

First and foremost, the facility I would like to expect from the library is the audio and visual option. After all, it’s an excellent approach a library can take because many people can’t read, especially the older ones. There are some audio sections where they can read their favourite books. 

Apart from that, there is the visualization section. So we’re like a person like me who isn’t interested in reading books. So we can watch the books, their stories. Encouraging people to use libraries would be a great idea. 

What type of book do you like to read?

 I like science fiction books. I love to explore space and other planets. So I love science fiction books. Apart from that, I also love storyteller books, which my grandmother told me when I was in my childhood. 

As I recall, she told me many stories from the books. So I got that interest from my grandma. So that’s the only two books I like to read. How often do you visit libraries? I’m not a librarian person. As I mentioned earlier, I went over there. I went to the library once a moon until I got the exceptional information I needed. Otherwise, I have my phone to search for anything on any topic.

What role do libraries play in your community?

 In my community, libraries play a vital role. People can get a lot of information through libraries, and it’s free. But as I see it now, people are losing interest in libraries because of technology. Everyone has their phone now, which is more handy.

People like people; if someone needs any information, they can only search on Google, get all the information, and let it work. So only the older people and some people who love to read from the books, I can see in the library. 

In what ways do libraries contribute to education and training? 

Oh, like, like, like I said, libraries, first of all, provide free books by which a student can learn many things about their subject, and they don’t have to buy their books. 

They would like to borrow a book from the library. So, students can get many books on one subject to choose their writer. They can select their preferred books and companies to get better information. 

How have libraries evolved with the advancement of technology? 

For example, now they have a paid subscription option. If someone doesn’t return your book, it can automatically deduct the amount from the credit card. 

So, this is a sage approach. After that, there are now libraries divided into some sections like audio and video, and some of them have computer screens with a system that can read for them and search for information from them. That’s the only two ways I see. I saw recent changes in the library due to technology.

 Can you recall a memorable experience you have had in a library? 

Definitely, yes, it’s a pretty silly experience. For example, when I was in ninth grade, my friends and I believed in a board, which is funny. It’s the kind of board by which we can attract spirits worldwide. 

So, to get some information about this board, we went to the library. So yeah, it’s a very embarrassing moment over there because when I told a librarian about that, she screamed, screamed at us, and just yelled at us and threw us away from the library. That was a memorable experience I had in the library. 

Are libraries still relevant in the digital age? 

Definitely, yes, people who love to read only from books, and we can change their minds. Technologies are convenient, and people have their phones, laptops, and computers by which they can search for anything and get any information anywhere. 

And cannot be found in the library. However, many unnecessary details are available on the Internet, which can distract a person from their specific topic, which is impossible at the library. So, at the library, we can get whatever we want and accurate information in the library compared to the digital world. For that reason, libraries still hold importance in this digital world. 

How do libraries promote literacy and a love for reading among people of all ages?

 The library promotes, first of all, the library holds all the books related to various topics. Let’s create an environment of learning in the society. So due to that, those people who are uneducated, even they try to become literate. And apart from this, libraries create reasonable minds. Due to that, the habit of reading develops among people, leading to a good environment overall. 

What are the benefits of having access to a well-stocked library? 

First, if we have access to a well-stocked library, we can get various books on different topics, making finding information about a specific topic much more accessible. We can also make notes and lend a book from our home. And that’s only a few benefits if we have access to a library.

How do libraries in your country differ from libraries in other parts of the world? 

The only difference I see in other countries’ libraries is the advancement of technology and the involvement of paid subscriptions, which differs from what I saw in India. 

Because people prefer to avoid visiting libraries in India, a few people love to read, and some people have all their technology so they can search on Google. 

So I saw libraries here, much like museums, which attract people. And there is a lot of population change. People love to read here only from books, so that’s the change I saw in my home library and here.

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