25 June 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Sri Lanka

25 June 2022 IELTS Exam Writing Task 2 Sri Lanka

25 June 2022 IELTS Exam Writing Task 2 Sri Lanka

Essay Topic

Competitiveness is considered a good quality in most societies nowadays. How does it affect individuals? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer 1

Competitiveness is considered a prudent approach in numerous societies in this contemporary epoch. It affects individuals and encourages them to do things beyond the conventional domain. Additionally, it is a positive development because it increases the number of talented people in society.

To begin with, the fierce competition these days is a good quality indeed because it motivates people to do something extraordinary. There is no denying this conviction that when you wish to give tough competition to others, you have to stand out differently to carve out a niche and lead your life towards an impressive growth trajectory. To accomplish this goal, you have to do hard work coupled with regular practice so that you can fulfil your dreams. Japan is a prime example where individuals always give stiff competition to others, and due to this, the country’s growth rate is substantially higher than others.

It is indeed a positive development because it uplifts the number of skilled and talented people all across the globe. It is intuitively true that when you wish to participate in any competition, you have to hone your skill set. With this approach, a sizeable number of individuals start finding their strengths and work with determination, dedication and discipline to sharpen them. Consequently, society gets a large group of skilled people with heaps of knowledge and experience that play a significant role in the betterment of society. A recent study from The Times revealed that many people work hard in today’s era to become perfect in their field of interest due to the high level of competition.

To conclude, having intense competition is a worthwhile proposition because it positively affects people’s attempt to engage in new pursuits. And, it plays a vital role in ensuring a regular supply of talented people, not only to the nations but also to the world.

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25 June 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Sri Lanka

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