Nowadays young people are admiring media and sports stars IELTS Essay

Nowadays young people are admiring media and sports stars IELTS Essay

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Nowadays,young people are admiring media and sports stars, even though they do not set a good example. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?.

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In this contemporary epoch, youth is getting inspired by the media and sports persons, despite that they did not set any example. It is a negative development because it is the major factor in distracting youth from their career and studies and wastes time and money.

To begin with, juveniles started admiring sports stars and trying to follow them, which is a pressing problem for parents. They want to be a sports person because they get inspired by their social media life, which is unrealistic. Their physical appearance, sports cars, and opulent lifestyle, which do not exist for real, influence them, and they run behind to achieve that. So, they divert their focus to games without knowing the pros and cons and do not consider their studies important. Instagram reels are the prime example of distracting youth by showing reels of famous sports stars or movie stars, and so many other people make reels to show off and earn money.

Furthermore, youth waste their hard-earned money and precious time in the race of admiring media and sports persons. In this contemporary era, kids have fierce competition in respecting players, so they watch new movies that waste their time and could be utilized to learn new skills and studies. Moreover, adolescents purchase all those products advertised by the media and so-called sports stars, which is a complete waste of money. It could also lead to following the wrong trajectory, spoiling their future.

To conclude, getting inspiration from sports stars is not worthwhile, even though they still need to set an example. It is a negative development due to time and money wastage and career distraction for youngsters.

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