Nowadays more people are choosing to socialize online IELTS Essay

Nowadays more people are choosing to socialize online IELTS Essay

IELTS Essay Topic

Nowadays, more people are choosing to socialize online rather than face to face. What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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In the contemporary epoch, numerous individuals prefer interacting over the Internet instead of meeting in person. This essay will suggest that the primary reason for this is the overly busy schedule of people and, in my opinion, it is a negative development because it will gradually fade the relationships.

To begin with, in this modern era, people mostly socialize on numerous social media applications instead of meeting with people personally because people are too busy with their work and lives. Hence, they need more time to meet and communicate with people. Moreover, everyone wants to win a career race, so they focus more on their work to impress their superiors rather than investing time in their loved ones. For example, a recent survey by a famous magazine, Times Magazine, reported that 70% of people in the United States of America need more time to meet with their loved ones as they have more work pressure.

In my opinion, I believe socializing online is a negative development for people because spending less time with friends and family slowly weakens the bond between them. Before the Internet, people used to go out frequently and spend time with their loved ones, whereas now, people prefer to stay at home and chat online rather than wasting time in meetings personally. Moreover, this can result in various mental and physical health issues such as depression, vitamin deficiency, etc. For example, 75% of the people who worked from home during Covid-19 now suffer from vitamin and calcium deficiency.

To conclude, although it has become more popular for the public to socialize over the Internet because of high work pressure, it has brought too many problems for this to be considered a positive development.

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