With the increase in computer use, many people feel IELTS Essay

With the increase in computer use, many people feel IELTS Essay

With the increase in computer use, many people feel IELTS Essay


With the increase in computer use, many people feel that schools do not need to put the emphasis that they used to on basic handwriting skills or mental mathematics skills.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

Model Answer

In this contemporary epoch, due to the increase in usage of computers, numerous individuals believe that schools should not lay importance on what they used to do in earlier times on creative handwriting skills or mental mathematics skills. This essay completely agrees with this statement because firstly, technology is developing significantly and, secondly newly honed skills are the need of the hour.

There is no denying this conviction that, in the past few years technology has developed at a tremendous pace. Due to the improvisations in the education system, new rules have replaced the old ones. Slowly and gradually, all schools have started adopting this new environment. Moreover, most of the schools have already built smart classrooms to give fresh experience to students. Tablets and calculators have been introduced to students in middle school to get hands-on experience. Using modern technology, students save valuable time that they can utilize for other activities. For example, in France, most schools use only tablets to impart education instead of regular books and notebooks.

In this modern era, all parents want their kids to excel in their careers so they want their kids to learn various social and moral skills instead of past time skills like creative writing or mathematics calculations. Personality development and communication skills are the most sought after skills that help students grab job opportunities in the present time. Furthermore, parents spend a sizeable amount of money on their kids to learn these skills. A recent survey in Germany depicted that students prefer to focus on developing communication skills instead of good cursive writing.

To conclude, with development in technology and knowledge of new skills to gain success, schools should not lay importance on handwriting or mathematical skills.

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