IELTS Speaking Part 1 List

IELTS Speaking Part 1 List

IELTS Speaking Part 1 List

Q1 . Do you make a list when you shop?

I pay excessive heed to the plan. Due to this reason, I always make a list when I go shopping because that helps me to save time, and I do not miss any item.

Q2 Do you make a list for your work or study?

As a student, I must draw a list of all subjects and devote time accordingly. The list provides me with a plan to design the timetable and ingrain determination, dedication and discipline in my life.

Moreover, the list helps my mind relax because it gives me a roadmap to study effectively.

Q3. Why don’t some people like making lists?

Some people refrain from making a list because they consider it to be a daunting task. Firstly they hate making a list because it requires effort; secondly, it pushes them to complete the tasks they do not wish to because of the habit of procrastination.

Q4. Do you prefer to make a list on paper or on your phone?

I prefer to make a list on my phone because I always carry it with me, and it can save numerous lists with tremendous ease. On the other hand, making a list on paper is an imprudent approach because you cannot carry all lists with you everywhere.

Q5.What kind of lists do you usually make in your daily life? 

Usually, I prioritize my task and make a checklist out of it. I typically make it on paper. 

Q6.How do you prioritize items on your to-do list?

 By analyzing all the items and listing them, every activity needs to be investigated, including what must be done first and what can be done later. So, based on that and time availability, I will make the list.

Q7.Can you share a memorable experience when making a list that helped you achieve your goals? 

Yes, I mostly make a list of my exam times every day, and I had to do a lot of work in my previous exams in one day. I could complete the daily tasks because I analyzed what time I was supposed to dedicate to each task. 

Q8.Do you think making lists helps in reducing stress and anxiety? 

Yes, making a list helps reduce stress and anxiety because it gives you a clear picture, and you can reassure yourself by checking on the bullet points you’ve already completed. So it motivates you to do further things. 

Q9.What strategies do you use to ensure you remember items when making a list? 

Before making the list, we all need to take a moment and look at all the tasks we need to complete. Without missing anything, we have to list that down, and after listing that down, we can give it another round of checking to avoid missing anything. 

Q10.Have you ever experimented with different formats or styles when making lists? 

Yes, I have made different lists, and creating a list or a priority list has evolved with time. So earlier, I just used to jot down the things I needed to do, and then I used to take them as I completed. Still, now I write the things in a priority order and dedicate a particular set of time to each task, which I have experimented with. 

Q11.How do you decide what tasks or items to include in your list? 

Whatever needs to be done, I include it in the list, and sometimes I also include it, especially during my exam times. I also include or dedicate time for meals and sleeping. 

Q12.Do you believe in the concept of a bucket list? 

If so, what are some items on your bucket list? Yes, I believe in the concept of the bucket list. Everybody should have a bucket list because it shows your interest in life and motivates you to grow in your career to fulfil everything in your future. My bucket list contains many things, one of which is that one is that I want to go on a world tour.

 Q13.How do you decide what tasks or items to include in your list? 

I decide by looking at the priorities and checking up on the day, deciding what I need to complete and what I can shift to the next day, or whenever I make a list, I focus on what I need to do. I make a priority list and then jot it down on paper. 

Q14.Have you ever faced challenges in sticking to a list? 

Yes, many times when your schedule is flexible, you cannot make a list. Even if you make a list, you cannot follow it. 

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