IELTS Speaking Part 1 Clothes and Fashion

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Clothes and Fashion

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Clothes and Fashion

Q1. Are you very interested in fashion and clothes?

Being a fashion enthusiast, I love following the trending vogue. However, I do it in my leisure hours and do not waste time on it.

Q2. Do you have a lot of nice clothes?

Yes, my wardrobe is full of nice clothes. Shopping for me is a leisure time activity; whenever I have free time at my disposal, I do online and offline shopping.

Q3. What kind(s) of clothes do you usually wear?

I follow a busy routine and wear comfortable clothes, so I do not feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Q4. Would you say clothes are expensive in your country?

My country is diverse, and people from all walks of life live here. To satisfy our clothing requirements, we have products in all market ranges. For the weaker sections of society, there are street markets and small shops, and for the affluent class, various shopping malls sell branded and designer clothes.

Q5. Do you like to wear fashionable clothes?

Yes, whenever I go to a party or picnic, I wear fashionable clothes to synchronize with the latest trends.

Q6. Is there anything you used to wear in the past that you don’t wear now?

During childhood, I used to wear western dresses, but these days due to my busy schedule, I find it difficult to carry them while working, that is why I do not wear them.

Q7. How often do you go shopping for clothes?

Being a shopping enthusiast, I go once a month to buy the clothes of my choice. And if I do not have sufficient time, I buy clothes online.

Q8. Do you like shopping for clothes?

Yes, because it helps me to unwind. In this contemporary epoch, fierce competition has become integral to our lives. Due to this, we remain under intense pressure. In such a scenario, activities like shopping help us to relieve our stress.

Q9. How often do you buy clothes online?

I buy it four times a year because every quarter, big companies like Ajio and Amazon organize the bumper sale, and I leave no stone unturned to buy my favorite products at massive discounts.

Q10. Do you plan to buy any designer (or name-brand) clothes?

Yes, there is a wedding of my friend next month, and I have planned to wear designer clothes on his special day.

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