Paper books are and will always be superior to e-books PTE Essay

Paper books are and will always be superior to e-books PTE Essay


Paper books are and will always be superior to e-books.

Discuss the advantages or disadvantages of e-books with regards to this statement.

Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own experience or observations.

Sample Answer

E-books dominate paper-based books—the central focus of educational libraries is on electronic content rather than paperbacks. The advantages of this practice are more worthwhile than the disadvantages. The significant benefits of e-books are that they are suitable for the environment and easy to use, and the main disadvantage is that they are detrimental to health.

Electronic content significantly contributes to decreasing paper use, and universities should follow this practice. There is no denying this conviction that the environment is in dire straits, and we should adopt alternates to save the environment. Therefore avoiding using paper is a step forward to conserving our planet. A recent study by The Times revealed that the online banking system had played a crucial role in down-lift the use of paper in the banking sector. Moreover, online and electronic books are more convenient than paper-based books. It is intuitively true that there is no problem with maintaining the books, and it is suitable for the readers to find content. For instance, A university in Japan adopted this to help students to find their study material at their disposal in a few clicks.

On the contrary, the most significant disadvantage of using e-books is that they harm health. It is a gospel truth that sitting in front of gadgets for long hours can affect the eyes. In addition, it can also lead to backbone-related problems for the readers who need to be using it wisely or maintaining the body shape while reading. For example, a large section of the young generation is suffered from weak eyesight due to the high usage of gadgets.

To conclude, although e-books have drawbacks as they affect people’s health, the use of e-books should be promoted because it helps save the environment and is convenient to use.

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