Describe a product you bought during the sale period IELTS Cue Card

Describe a product you bought during the sale period IELTS Cue Card


Describe a product you bought during the sale period

You should say:

What did you buy?
Where did you buy it?
Why you liked/disliked it?

Sample 1


In this modern era, inflation has made inroads in our lives. Due to this reason, the prices of goods and services have increased considerably. In such a scenario, buying during the sale period is prudent.

Although I have bought numerous items during a sale period, one is unique and worth mentioning.

What did you buy? And Where did you buy it?

Last year during the Diwali festival, most e-commerce sites were throwing huge discounts during the sale period. As I had my holidays, most of my time was spent online, and I scrolled numerous websites to buy a laptop.

I need a laptop for my college studies because, nowadays, there is a boatload of content available online. With a computer at your disposal, it is easier for you to lead your life toward an impressive growth trajectory.

After seeing a plethora of deals on various e-commerce platforms, I finalized the laptop of Lenovo company from the Amazon website. Due to the Diwali sale, I got a massive discount of sixty percent.

Why did you like it?

I liked the deal and the product. Firstly the laptop worked like a charm for me because, after its arrival, there was a paradigm shift in my performance. After all, it allowed me to have a seamless education. I needed not to be at the mercy of my teachers for study material. Before reaching the class every day, I would revise the forthcoming lesson in advance. This strategy helped me to pass my exams with flying colors.

Secondly, buying the laptop at a massive discount during the sale period worked for me because it saved me substantial money, which I utilized to buy a printer for myself.

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