Overall the widespread use of the internet TOEFL independent writing topic

Overall the widespread use of the internet TOEFL independent writing topic

Overall the widespread use of the internet TOEFL independent writing topic

TOEFL independent writing topic

Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.” Use reasons and details to support your opinion.

Sample Answer

Most people opine that contemporary technology such as the internet impacts society in numerous divergent ways. This essay believes that the internet is a blessing for not only individuals but also communities.,because firstly it has cleaned the political system to some extent and secondly it is leading to a tremendous increase in knowledge.

To commence with, investigative reporting through the medium of the internet helps to highlight political corruption and act as a deterrent for dishonest politicians. A few decades back, a few media agencies were there for reporting, which often had a close nexus with eminent politicians. As a consequence, they had apprehensions for criticizing them. Nowadays, however, there are plenty of unconstrained publications operating through the Internet that try their best to uncover political misconduct. For example, the recent uprising in the Arab Nations was possible because of the wide connectivity available through cyberspace. At one click thousands of people had joined hands and put an end to the decades of dictatorship.

Secondly, the internet has made people more knowledgeable. Because acquiring knowledge is not a daunting task in this contemporary epoch. There are numerous websites and blogs which provide you with eerie details on all the topics. This vast availability of knowledge at your disposal empowers us to think beyond the conventional domain and lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. Due to these reasons, too many inventions are taking place, and the world has become more connected. This connectivity has bridged the gap between people from different regions, and there is a paradigm shift in their knowledge. For example, the ongoing pandemic internet has helped scientists from various nations to work in tandem to produce the vaccine.

In conclusion, I firmly postulate that the internet has a positive impact on our lives. Because digital journalism fosters our democratic setup and information available on the internet widens our knowledge.

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