IELTS Speaking Part 1 Shopping

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Shopping

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Shopping

Q1. Do you like shopping?

 Being a shopaholic, I love to avail all opportunities for shopping. Apart from this, it is a leisure time activity for me.

Q2. Do you compare prices when you shop?

I hail from a middle-class family, and a penny saved is earned for me. So naturally, I usually compare the prices before shopping for anything.

Q3. Is it difficult for you to make a choice when you shop?

I get confused, especially while buying clothes, because I have this uncanny knack for non-conventional garments, and trying to purchase differently sometimes becomes challenging. But, then, I spend hours buying the right one.

Q4. Do you enjoy shopping?

Yes, I enjoy shopping because I get fully involved while buying things, and my troubles go for a toss.

Q5. Do you like shopping on the internet?

In this modern era, fierce competition has become integral to our lives. Due to this reason, I usually do not have much time at my disposal. In such a scenario, buying things online works like a charm for me because it saves my two precious resources: time and money.

Q6. Do you have any favourite stores?

I do not have a favourite store. Whoever gives me the best deal gets business from me. Moreover, I get bored when I visit the same shop repeatedly. Therefore I frequently change shopping places.

Q7. Which is the most popular place for shopping in your home town?

Although my hometown has numerous shopping malls and plazas, the most popular place for buying things is a local street market in the heart f the city. This place offers a massive variety at a reasonable cost. Due to that, a sizeable proportion of city dwellers come here to purchase various goods.

Q8. Is shopping a popular activity in your country?

Yes, shopping is a popular activity in my country, and people from all walks of life live to indulge in it. Especially on weekends, there is a massive crowd in shopping malls, plazas, and street markets.

Q9.What is your favourite type of shopping, online or in-store?

 I prefer shopping offline because it gives a clear picture of the product, and you can buy what you see. 

Q10.How often do you shop for clothes, groceries, or other items? 

For clothes, my family members and whenever we buy some clothes, it is dedicated to that kind of shopping, mainly once a month or once every two months. Still, when it comes to grocery shopping, we can also go once a week, twice a week, or once every two weeks. 

Q11.What factors do you consider when choosing where to shop? 

The most important factor for me is that I prefer certain brands, and wherever these brands are present, I go there. Secondly, I look at the availability of time and the shortest place to shop for my clothes. 

Q12.Can you describe your most recent shopping experience? What did you buy and why?

 My most recent shopping experience was a month ago. I was alone and went to a place where I wanted to buy a T-shirt for myself and my brother. I was alone because everybody at home was busy and we had to purchase the T-shirts because we were both going to play and we were supposed to have the same colour T-shirts so I went there and bought them. 

Q13.Do you prefer to shop alone or with friends or family? 

I prefer shopping with friends and family because it is much more accessible, especially with family. They give better suggestions, and my choices are a little weird, so my family helped me get the best thing possible.

Q14.How do you budget for your shopping trips? Do you set a specific limit or go with the flow?

 If I am going to shop for something, I already have in my mind that it needs to be bought, and I have already made a noun figure of the amount of money I will spend on it. So, I made up my mind; I give myself a budget because when you go with the flow, you buy unnecessary stuff that may not be required. 

Q15.Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse? What did you buy, and why did you regret it? 

I bought a plant online, and I thought that the brand was in the hype and all of the social media ads, so I thought of buying a cute plant, an indoor plant with a very aesthetic pot, along with that. I bought it online, but it didn’t come in good condition, and later on, I realized that now I could not replace it, so I regretted that shopping experience. 

Q16.What are your thoughts on sustainable shopping practices, such as buying secondhand or choosing eco-friendly products? 

Some people might not like buying secondhand products, but without even doing that, you can save the environment by choosing eco-friendly products, which should be kept in mind. We can make minimal effort to tell the shopkeeper that we don’t want a poly bag or any bag that might cause harm to the environment, so just saying no to one poly bag will contribute to the benefit of the environment. 

Q17.Have you ever negotiated prices while shopping? Share a memorable experience if you have. 

Yes, I have negotiated prices while shopping, and it mostly is when we go for fruit shopping or vegetable shopping in the market or the local market because there is no negotiation there when we talk about the stores or the brands. After all, they have this MRP policy. It was a good experience because my father always took me to the vegetable market and encouraged me to go and do the negotiation.

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