IELTS Speaking Part 1 Foreign language

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Foreign language

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Foreign language

Can you describe your experience learning a foreign language? 

I have yet to learn any foreign language other than English. It was easy for me when I started learning English.

I know it’s daunting for some people who need basic English knowledge. But I learned English from my first class and learned it easily. 

How can learning a foreign language enhance cultural understanding? 

While learning more than one language, a person can easily understand other countries’ cultures, customs, and beliefs. For example, my cousin recently learned the Japanese language and had a trip to Japan. And when he came back, he told me about his trip.

 He told me about many customs performed in Japan and about the cultures, such as how they make rice cakes and use spices to cook their food. So, he learned all this after learning the Japanese language. So that’s a good example which can answer this question.

Do you believe that schools should start teaching foreign languages at an early age? 

Definitely, yes. It’s a good initiative that every school can adopt. Because of this, we not only make our children bilingual but also help them get good jobs in the future.

So after counting all this, schools should teach the children foreign languages. 

How has the Internet and technology influenced the way people learn foreign languages? 

Well, currently, in this contemporary epoch, all people work under the aegis of the Internet. And I think everyone has Internet.

So, if we have to learn a foreign language, we use many tools, like YouTube and mobile applications, like Duolingo, which help us learn a foreign language.

 What challenges do people face when trying to learn a new language?

 Well, when people try to learn a new language, first of all, people face difficulty with accent. I think practical expression and accent are more daunting than theoretical knowledge.

Because anyone can write and read a foreign language after learning it. However, mastering the accent and expression is an uphill task. 

How can learning a foreign language enhance one’s career prospects?  

A multilingual person has a lot of job opportunities available worldwide.

First, the tourism sector is where a person can guide tourists worldwide. And people engaged in that profession usually get a good salary.  Apart from that, many multinational companies always seek employees who know more than one language because it’s beneficial for them to handle their clients worldwide. 

 Do you think there should be more emphasis on learning lesser-known languages in schools? 

 Yes, many languages are less used, and they are on the verge of extinction, so if schools teach those languages that are about to die, which are not very useful, that would help to preserve those languages.

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