IELTS Speaking Part 1 Mobile Phones

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Mobile Phones

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Mobile Phones

How often do you use a mobile phone?

In my daily routine, I use my mobile phone regularly for banking purposes, and if I would like to see something for my knowledge, I always keep my mobile with me to keep checking things and updates. 

What are your primary uses of mobile phones?

 The primary use is to call my family and friends, and I mostly chat on WhatsApp with my friends. 

Do you think mobile phones have improved communication or hindered face-to-face interactions? 

I think mobile phones improve the interaction between two people because whenever we cannot meet a person every day, we can talk over the phone, which makes our relationship much stronger.

How has the evolution of mobile phone technology changed society? 

 The evolution of the mobile phone has changed the world at a rapid pace because people use it as a valuable thing, and they can operate many things easily over their mobile phone. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones for educational purposes?

 If we talk about the disadvantages, we always lose our focus on our studies. 

How do mobile phones contribute to your work or study routine? 

As I am working in an international company, it always keeps me updated on the news and other things that are happening in society.

So, it is one of the most important things in my life. 

Have you ever experienced addiction or dependency on your mobile phone? 

Yes, I went to Mohali once, but my tire got punctured, and I didn’t have a single penny in my pocket. 

What measures should be taken to ensure responsible and safe usage of mobile phones, especially among younger users?

 I think people do not have to use mobile phones for longer periods.

They also have to focus on their goals and studies because studies make their life more beautiful than using mobile phones. 

How do you think mobile phones have impacted traditional forms of media such as newspapers and television? 

With the advancement of mobile technology, people are more indulgent in using mobile instead of television. 

How can mobile phones be used to address societal issues, such as access to healthcare or education in remote areas? 

Mobile phones can help us in the healthcare sector, such as in remote areas.

It can work like a charm in remote areas where people can show their medical problems to doctors through mobile phones.  Children who do not get quality teachers can also get a quality education while sitting at home and attending online classes. 

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