Describe a Time When You Were Asked Opinion in a Survey IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Time When You Were Asked Opinion in a Survey IELTS Cue Card


Describe a time when you were asked opinion in a survey.

You should say:

What the survey was about?
Why did you participate?
What opinions you gave?
How did you feel?

Sample Answer 1


It is an accomplished fact that governments thrive primarily on surveys while making informed decisions to solve pressing problems adroitly.

Although I have participated in numerous surveys, one of them is special: hence it is worth mentioning.

What the survey was about?

The survey happened during the corona pandemic. It was an online survey, and it was regarding the covid 19 vaccines.

The survey asked people whether they agreed with the success of vaccines.

Why did you participate?

I participated in the survey because I was going through a challenging phase. On the one hand, my work suffered, as I was at home for more than six months.

On the other hand, I was concerned regarding the safety of me and my family.

 I participated in the survey to enquire about people’s viewpoints regarding the efficiency and side effects of the Covid vaccine.

What opinions did you give?

I opined that going for the vaccine was a prudent approach because its initial results were satisfactory. 

And not getting it would jeopardize our future because, in the contemporary epoch, inflation has become an integral part of our lives, and staying indoors while not working is an imprudent approach.

How did you feel?

After giving my opinion, I felt relieved. I waited for survey results for one week. The outcome was in my favour, and two-thirds of the participants were in solidarity with my opinion.

The vaccines brought a paradigm shift in our lives by boosting our immunity to fight the coronavirus.

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