Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like IELTS Cue Card

Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like IELTS Cue Card

Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like IELTS Cue Card


Describe a picture/photograph of you that you like

You should say:

  • Where it was taken/drawn
  • When it was taken/drawn
  • Who took/drew it
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample 1

 I’m a photography enthusiast, and I keep clicking photos. Moreover, I like my photos being clicked, so there are many photographs that I like. One of them is special, and hence, it is worth mentioning.

 It was taken two years back when, due to the lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, the schools were closed. So when the administration finally lifted the lockdown, our school organized a reunion party where all of my friends were there who studied with me for eight years. We had a photographer, and he took that photograph; it was amazing, and I felt quite good about it because, for eight years, we were all friends together.

 We had a gala time. We had many fights over trivial as well as colossal issues. Moreover, that picture is very close to my heart because after our graduation, we all friends parted ways, and we barely talked to each other, so whenever I see that photograph, I feel nostalgic.

 I relive the wonderful moments I had with my friends, and another reason I feel good about that photograph is that during the reunion party, a fashion show was held. I won the first prize in that fashion show, and that photograph of mine is with us, the sash which I wore after winning the competition, so this picture has a special place in my heart, that is why I have hung it on the main wall of my bedroom.

Sample 2

Although I’m keen on clicking only a few photographs, some have become special. They become an integral part of your life. I have one such photograph. It was taken one year back, in my gym, by my gym trainer. 

There is an interesting story behind this picture. I gained immense weight because of the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, and my physical health went for a toss. 

Apart from this, my looks also declined. People used to pass comments on me whenever I went for a walk. I’d send it home. And to lose weight, I tried many things, but I failed. Then, one of my friends recommended I join a gym near our home. 

I did not have any other option but to join it, so I went there. There, I met a trainer named Vivek Goyal. Upon seeing my plight, he wanted to help me. Then, he looked at my diet plan and suggested I leave sugar for four months. 

Although his idea did not convince me, I continued. I stopped eating processed sugar. I followed this practice with determination, dedication, and discipline for four months.

I also did cardio and weight training in the gym. After four years, I checked my weight. There was a decline of 15 kgs. Moreover, my belly fat also went down. So, in a nutshell, there was a paradigm shift in my personality. So, that time, my gym trainer clicked a photo of mine.

It had both versions, like my photo before joining the gym and my photo after joining with him. I hung that photograph on the main wall of my bedroom. I feel very good about it because this picture shows my grit in achieving a goal. So whenever I feel down, I look at this picture and gain inspiration to work hard and achieve success.

Sample 3

I have many photographs that are a memory towards me, but the one which is very close to my heart and is very precious to me is a family photograph of me, my father and my mom. We went on a health station trip.

It is the photo of Shri Nagar that is in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the U. T. of Jammu and Kashmir, and people also say that it is heaven on earth that I have proved by seeing through my own eyes. It was a picture of around 3-4 years ago. We went there, and we were on a Gulmag.

It was a very nice place. It was fully covered with snow, and it remains covered with the snow whole of the year. There was a person who gave us horse rides there, and he took that photo for us. We were all on our horses, and we were going towards the hill. It was taken in the fully covered-snow.

It was a very nice picture. It was taken on a Canon camera 786 which is a very good camera. We took that photo after 3 days into the camera roll and transferred it to our memory card. After that, we liked that picture very much for the whole of our trip picture. It was the one which was closer to all of our hearts.

The next day I took that picture and got it framed. We have hanged it in our home also as it looks very nice towards us. Daily when we see that picture we remember the whole of that trip. It was a very loving experience towards me. I think that I will once again also visit it to gain that same experience.


 1. Why do people take photos 

People take photos for various reasons. The first reason is to capture the moments we all have good and bad moments in our lives. We want to capture those good moments we capture to relieve those moments and bad moments we capture so that we find details regarding what happened during those times. Days another reason for taking photographs is to post them on social media. These days, people love to show their opulent lifestyle in front of others. For that, the best medium for them is social media. They click on various photographs and post them on various social media websites so that their friends and family members can see them. 

2. What do people use to take photos these days, cameras or phones?

 These days, the tendency of people to carry cameras for clicking photos has declined because most people these days have smartphones in their pockets which are loaded with cameras and these days, even small phones have cameras of around 50 megapixels which click various photographs and these mobile phones are very handy also so people find it very cumbersome to carry a camera that’s why they prefer to click photographs through their phones. Three 

3. Is it difficult for people to learn how to take good photos?

 Clicking a photograph is an art, and you need time to master it, so initially, people find it difficult. They think that they are good at that. Still, while comparing it with the photographs clicked by the professionals then, they feel that there’s a lot of difference. After that, most people take classes or watch videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, which empower them to click good photos. Four 

4. How do people keep their photos? 

There are two ways to keep photos. The first one is to get a copy of that photo.

And paste it into an album, or the other one is to frame that photo and put it on the wall. Another method that is extremely popular these days is to store your photographs digitally so you can store them on your laptop computer or your mobile phone or sometimes on external devices like pen drives and memory cards. 

 5. Do Indian people like to take photos of themselves 

yes, Indian people like to take photos of themselves because in India, people share cordial relationships with their friends and family members, and to remain in touch, they keep on clicking photographs and post them on social media to show in front of others what they are doing in their lives what kind of lifestyle they are living. 

6. Why do some people like to delete photos? 

Some people like to delete photos for various reasons. The first and foremost is that sometimes the quality of the photo is not good, so that’s why they like to delete it, and another reason is that sometimes people feel bored after seeing the same photographs again and again so that’s why they do it.

7. Why do some people like to keep photos

 some people have this tendency to keep photos because they relive the past moments by watching those photos they click they click, and it helps them to feel nostalgic and helps them to remain in touch with their friends and family members. 

8. Has the way people take photos changed? 

Yes, the way people take photos has changed drastically because earlier, people used to click photos with normal conventional cameras. Still, these days, they click through digital cameras, and on top of that, we have mobile phones these days through which we can click photographs with utmost ease.

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