IELTS Speaking Part 1 Keys

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Keys

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Keys

Do you usually carry keys with you? 

Yes, I do carry the keys with me because, first of all, I live alone in a house, and that is the reason I have to lock my house. Apart from that, I also have keys to my workplace and my car keys. 

What type of keys do you have? 

As I said, I have a couple of keys that are essential to me. First of all, my house key. And apart from that, my fob key gives me access to enter and come out of my workplace. Apart from that, I also have a car, and to drive, I also have a key for my car.

How important are keys in daily life?

 Well, from my perspective, keys play a vital role because keys are very necessary, and we have so many personal things that we don’t want to publish. So, for that reason, I think we need keys to lock them to maintain our privacy. 

Have you ever lost your keys? 

Of course, yes, I don’t think so. No person in the world hasn’t lost his key. Yes, it has happened to me a couple of times because keys are basic things that can be lost easily. So yes, I lost my keys many times, but I usually find them later. 

Do you think it is necessary to have a spare key? 

Yes, it is very important to keep a spare key. It doesn’t matter whether we have a car, we have a house, or whatever we have that we have to lock. 

There is a high chance we can lose keys because, like I said, it’s a very common thing to lose. So, in the worst-case scenario, we need a spare key. 

How do you feel when you forget or misplace your keys? 

Well, to be honest, it is a very frustrating thing, and I am a person who can get easily frustrated and stressed if I lose my belongings, and keys are one of them.

Because I am a person who needs things in my life like my car and my house, if I lose a key, it would be trouble for me. For example, without a key, I cannot enter my house. Although we have a lot of options, I don’t want any. So yes, I get frustrated whenever I lose my key.

What precautions do you take to ensure you don’t lose your keys?

 First of all, I think that with the help of technology, we can adopt a lot of options. For example, I have an Apple tag, which is really helpful for me because apple tag if I lose my key, apple tag can easily send me a notification of their location. And so, I can easily find it with this. Apart from that, we now have sensor keys. If we lose our key, they automatically send us the location and the place where we lost it. So, we can find our keys through this.

How have keys changed over time? 

Well, over time, like in the past, we have keys like the metal-shaped keys, and then after, sometimes, like it was first in England, they introduced the keys like at the end we can hold them. We call them the plastic keys, and then Australia came up with the innovative idea of putting remote sensors inside the key. And now, American and Japanese technology have given us our sensor keys. I mean, we don’t need to use it manually. We can just operate it remotely. So yes, that’s how the keys are evolving, like through from the past.

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