Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal IELTS Cue Card

Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal IELTS Cue Card

Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal IELTS Cue Card


Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve your goal

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • How he/she encouraged you
  • What goal you achieved
  • And explain how you feel about this person

Sample 1

 In our life, we meet various people. Some of them show the wrong trajectory and some Work without any vested interest, and they do their best to lead your life toward success. I was fortunate to meet one such person who encouraged me to achieve my goal. This person is a fitness trainer, and his name is Vivek Goyal.

 Two years back. I had to sit at home due to the coronavirus pandemic because there was a lockdown, and during that time, I Gained a lot of weight because there were fewer physical activities to do. And due to that, I started looking bulky. And when the lockdown was over, and I was out In the market, people used to tease me, and they used to call me a fatty person, so at that time, I decided to lose 20 kg of weight.

 So it was a big goal. In my first few attempts, I failed and was about to give up, but then Vivek met me and Motivated me to achieve my goal. He said to me that for losing weight, Exercise is not essential. Your diet is important. So he made a diet plan, and according to that plan, I had to take all my meals between 6 a.m. To 6 p.m. 

That means between sunrise to sunset practice intermittent fasting. After that, Vivek told me not to take sugar. I followed his advice with determination, dedication, and discipline and too much. His suggestion was like a charm because I lost 20 kg. So, wait five months, and I started looking fit and healthy, and those people who used to tease me even started appreciating me. So Vivek’s advice was a charm for me, bringing a paradigm shift.


1. Do you think children are more likely to achieve their goals if they are encouraged? 

There is no denying this conviction that children thrive primarily on encouragement to move towards goals because encouragement acts as fuel for them. Moreover, it enhances their curiosity. So the best way to motivate children towards their goals is to load them with a lot of encouragement whenever they do something good,

 and in case they do not do well, we should educate them on how to move towards their goals. 

2. What should parents do if their children don’t want to study?

 Rather than jumping on the bandwagon and rebuking the children, the parents should follow the prudent approach of identifying the reasons for children not studying, whether it could be a loss of interest, too many distractions or a faulty belief system. Once they come to know what exactly is the problem, then they can work on that. 

3. Who do you think should set goals for children?

 I think setting goals for children is a process in which the parents and teachers should rub their shoulders together. Ultimately, it is a child who has to achieve the goal, so his or her needs are important. Apart from that, parents spend a sizable time, with their children, so their needs are also significant. And lastly, teachers have the responsibility to shape the academic career of a student. So, they should also be a part of the goal-setting process for children. 

4. Who plays a more significant role in children’s education? Parents or teachers?

 As far as education is concerned, academic education thrives primarily on teachers because it is the teacher’s responsibility and parents’ to the teachers at the school for good learning and understanding of the children. As far as moral education is concerned, the key role is of the parents because, in school, the students study. And when they come back home, then they are in their natural environment, and the habits developed in those surroundings are very significant. So, for moral education, parents play a pivotal role. 

5. Is money the only motivation for people to work hard?

 In my opinion, money is not the only motivation for people to work hard. Sometimes it’s pride, sometimes, it’s an urge to become famous, and sometimes it’s a feeling of hatred or revenge. 

6. Which is more important? Competition or cooperation? 

In my opinion, cooperation is more important. When you are in the process of competition, you tend to miss the important details because your focus is always towards beating others rather than improving yourself. Whereas when you are in cooperation, then you gain good points from others, and that leads to holistic development. 

7. Why do teenagers need to set goals?

 For teenagers, it is very important to set goals because they are in an age where there are a lot of hormonal changes in themselves. Due to that, the feelings of frustration and anxiety get into them and to manage those, the teenagers should have certain goals and they must pursue them with determination, dedication and discipline so that they can lead their lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. 

8. What will encourage children to learn more? 

Children get a lot of encouragement from the praise they get from the people around them. Maybe it could be their parents, teachers, relatives or the peer group. So to motivate children, we must praise them whenever they do something trivial or colossal. On the contrary, if they do not achieve something, then also we must not rebuke them. We must be in solidarity with them, understand their flaws and we should work with them. 

9. Do parents and teachers punish children nowadays? 

Yes, parents and teachers punish children nowadays but the way they punish has changed. Earlier, educators and guardians used to go physical with children by hitting them or punishing them in other ways that could cause discomfort and physical harm to the children. These days the scenarios have changed as children occupy a lot of possessions these days in terms of toys and gadgets. So the parents and children would approach the following they take possession of the important things of the children which they use for entertainment. And that’s a classic way of punishing them. 

10. What do you think has a greater influence on the goal-setting of children? Teachers or parents?

 I think as far as goal setting is concerned, it’s the parents because teachers have to take care of a lot of students so they do not have the time to set goals for every child. On the contrary, parents take responsibility for their children basically so they have the time, energy and interest to set goals for the children.

11.How important is encouragement from others in achieving personal goals? 

To achieve a personal goal, if there is a backbone of a person who is always motivating you or like just giving you some good words or motivating you or like makes you more courageous and confident, you can achieve your goal more easily because you are now confident and you know that you can do that thing. 

12.In what ways can someone encourage another person to reach their goals? 

And person can just motivate and like give the information about that goal to motivate that person because the person is somehow stressed or something feeling anxious because he is scared or feeling stressed about failure. So if a person gives the other person courage and motivation, he can get confident and achieve success very easily.

13.Can you think of any famous personalities who have been encouraged by someone else?

 Yes, many actors like many army officers are encouraged by their senior actors or their senior officers. So they just think of them as their role model and follow their things. 

14.How do you think different cultures view the importance of encouragement in personal success? 

It differs from culture to culture. Some think that a person is born with encouragement and does not require, you know, motivation, or motivating thoughts from others. Whereas in certain cultures, it is believed that we should encourage earlier and year ones so that they can lead to a good path to achieve success.

15.Is self-motivation more important than encouragement from others? Yes, because any other person cannot motivate you unless and until you just self-motivate yourself if you want to achieve a goal or a point where you want to reach at the point of your success, you need to be self-motivated. The parents or other persons can just encourage you to do that thing but self-motivation is more important than any other person’s motivation.

 16.Can negative feedback or criticism also play a role in encouraging someone to achieve their goals? 

Yes, if a person is doing something with their full heart to achieve success but they are getting negative things or bad words from others and they get discouraged and demotivated to do that thing.

So, they are not able to concentrate and their confidence falls. So, they are not able to achieve their goal before the time.

 17.How can parents and teachers effectively encourage children to pursue their goals? 

The parents and teachers firstly should tell their children to select a goal which is from their mind.

Nobody can force them to think of a goal which their parents want or some others. This should be a child’s choice to do what he wants to do. But the parents can do one thing they can just motivate their children by supporting them, giving them everything they can and the teachers can also encourage the students that they can score better.

18.Do you think technology and social media have impacted the way people encourage each other?

 Yes, social media and technology have impacted the way people motivate each other. Before that, only the family and friends are there to motivate you. But now if you go on social media, there are many videos which tell us about the motivation to motivate us and many motivational videos are made by 2-3 hour lectures which tell us to choose the correct path of our life and how to be confident and build our personality.

19.Can a lack of encouragement lead to failure in achieving goals? 

Sometimes it is true that lack of achievement encourages people to achieve their goals because the person loses his confidence if there is no one on his back to support him or to motivate him. So there should be someone who is always supporting you so that you can achieve your success.

 20.What are some positive qualities of a good encourager? 

A good encourager always supports and helps the person if he gets low grades or if things are not going well.

So a good motivator can just encourage the person to do that thing better, that he is going better from zero. So only that thing is a good quality I think so that the person should be kind and more encouraging and helpful. 

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