Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend IELTS Cue Card

Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend IELTS Cue Card

Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend IELTS Cue Card


Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend

You should say:

  • What and where the place is
  • Who you went with When you went there
  • What you did there
  • And explain why you think it is interesting

Sample 1

Although I have been to many exciting places in my life, one of them I visited with my bosom friend, and hence it is worth mentioning. This place is a restaurant in the hills of Shimla, and I went there with my bosom friend Andrew. It was last year. 

Before going to that place, I didn’t know where I was going, and I was at Andrew’s mercy or whatever he was telling me. I followed that, and he told me in advance that he would take me to an exciting place; once I went there, I realized what Andrew said was correct. 

It is a place dedicated to the underprivileged sections of society. So those people who are discarded by the world so that those people can come here and they can have free meals. And the best part is that volunteers run this place. So we didn’t go to the hills of Shimla to enjoy our holidays.

We went there to do some volunteer work. So I did many things over there, like mopping and dusting. Apart from that, I cut the vegetables, I cooked the vegetables, and when I served the food to the people with humble beginnings who were underprivileged, there were tears in my eyes. I did something substantial that could lead to a paradigm shift in people’s lives. 

So that day, whatever salary I got from a company, I donated to that charitable trust, which is very close to my heart. So whenever I have leisure time, instead of going to shopping malls or amusement parks, I prefer to go there and serve the people and get a lot of satisfaction from that. I used to be selfish and egoist, but after going to that place, I started seeing myself as an altruist and a philanthropist.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an interesting place you have been to with a friend IELTS Cue Card”.

1. Why do people need friends?

People need friends because We cannot discuss everything with our family members. After all, somehow that generation gap is always there. Whereas with friends, we are more at ease because we need someone with whom we can share our joys and sorrows that we cannot do with our family members. So yes, due to these reasons, friends are significant and that’s why people make friends 

2. How do you communicate with friends?

 In this modern era, there are various ways to communicate with friends. The first and foremost is to talk in person, whether whenever you meet your friend at school college or some public place. The second way to interact is through voice calling, maybe so we call or just a simple voice call. Another significant mode is to send text messages in the form of emails or chats. The fourth mode is when you write letters to your friends, and that’s quite an old way of Communicating with friends.

3. Why don’t some people Like to socialize?

 Some people are introverts, and socializing with others compromises their privacy, so that is why they prefer to remain alone as socializing is not their cup of tea.

4. Can talking with people improve social skills?

There is no denying this connection that talking with people improves social skills because it helps to handle altercations. Moreover, you get others’ viewpoints as well on the same topic. So this way your Knowledge also enhances appreciably. So, yes socializing is a wonderful tool to improve your social skills.

5. Does technology help people communicate better with others?

Yes, technology provides unabated support in communicating with people because it provides innumerable options. Moreover, we can connect freely and easily without any geographical barriers.

 6. Do you prefer to go out with a group of friends or just a few close friends? 

I prefer to go out with a few close friends because whenever you are in a big group there’s a lot of chaos and within the big group also small groups are formed. So there’s no fun in going with a big group. On the contrary, whenever I go with a few close friends. I feel good because I can Crack jokes or discuss matters freely and easily. After all, in a small group of close friends, you know each and everybody’s likings and dislikes, so it is very easy for you.

7.Why do you think travelling with friends is different from travelling alone? 

While travelling with friends you can enjoy yourself with your friends, you have to share everything with them, you are going talking and everything is so noisy and exhausting.

But when you are alone you are just thinking about yourself, you are not saying anything to anyone, you are just in your peaceful mind and you enjoy the vacation only by yourself. 

8.What makes a place interesting to visit? 

A place which has a good environment and nature can attract tourists for a good vacation because the environment there is peaceful most of the tourists who are coming are from the city area so they want a peaceful and greenery area. So if the environment or the weather around them is different from their city they like that.

9.How important is it to share travel experiences with friends?

 We can share our travel experiences with friends because some friends are not able to go on vacations because of their problems. So we can just tell them about that so that they can in their future get an idea how to go on the vacations and not repeat the mistakes which we have made. 

10.Can you think of any famous tourist attractions that are best to enjoy with friends? 

The best tourist attractions are our hill stations which are in Missouri, Kashmir or Ladakh which the adults enjoy the most because they have so many waterfalls and hill climbing.

There are many adventurous activities which adults can enjoy a lot. 

11.How has tourism changed in your country in recent years? 

Tourism has changed in our country in recent years very drastically because before that the government and society were not focused on this part but now they are making many new things, the monuments are being designed, the monuments are being maintained more properly and our culture is expressed very authentically to the foreigners. So the tourism nowadays has a very good chance towards the tourists.

12.What are the benefits and drawbacks of travelling with friends? 

While travelling with friends you can enjoy a lot, you never get bored because you are always enjoying singing, every activity you are doing you are just enjoying it with your full heart. But it has its disadvantages too because sometimes a friends group may have disputes in them and it may lead to serious problems so the mind gets stressed and it is not peaceful when you are with friends but when you are travelling alone it gives you more peaceful and a good environment to live. 

13.Do you prefer to visit popular tourist destinations or less-known places? 

I will prefer less known places because the known places are good and they are peaceful for your mind because you are going on a vacation from your hectic schedule to enjoy a truly peaceful and mindful vacation but if you are going to a very crowded place of tourism you will get tired because everything is not available on time, the food, if you want to click pictures there are so many people there so it is a different thing.

So I would prefer to travel to less popular places.

 14.How can travelling to interesting places affect your relationship with friends? 

If you are travelling to interesting places it will affect your friends also because they will also be encouraged to go to that places when you tell the stories of your vacations they will be more interested and fascinated by the thing so they will also want to go there. 

15.What role does social media play in choosing travel destinations? 

Social media influences people very much when they do the advertisements on the many websites so when people see that advertisements on the internet they just force the people in a way that this is the best place to visit so people get influenced by them and they visit that place.

How can travelling to new places with friends influence your personal growth? When you are travelling with your friends it will influence your personal growth because you are interacting with new people while with your friends but you are interacting with new people in the society, outer from your society because you are living mostly in your house, in your city, you are not going anywhere else but when you are travelling with your friends in some new destinations you will get to know different culture, traditions and different personalities of people.

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